Vin Abrenica is raring to make his TV comeback via the new GMA-7 mythical fantasy series, Ang Mga Lihim ni Urduja, set to air its pilot episode tomorrow, Monday, February 27, on GMA-7  Telebabad’s primetime slot.

The hunky actor plays Onyx, the main villain and leader of the bounty hunters in search of Urduja’s priceless jewels.

Directed by Jorron Lee Monroy, Dominic Zapata and associate director Ralf Malabunga, the series also serves as a much-awaited reunion of Encantadia Sang’gres Kylie Padilla, Gabbi Garcia and Sanya Lopez.

The primetime fantaserye reimagines history once again as it crosses over from pre-colonial

to modern-day eras, depicting the adventures of fabled warrior princesses touted as descendants of Hara Urduja, the legendary warrior queen of Pangasinan from the 1300s.

With his lean, muscular physique and menacing stare, Vin looks every inch the rightful counterpart of his onscreen rivals, as well as the perfect alpha male leading his pack of blood-hungry bounty hunters.

For the hyper active health buff, the physically demanding role fits seems like an answered prayer since it fits him to a T.

He says, “Action dramas are what I’ve been manifesting for a while now. I’ve been training and preparing for something like this to happen. I feel blessed that finally I’m doing something that I’ve visualized for so long.”

Undoubtedly, Ang Mga Lihim ni Urduja packs a wallop with lots of butt-kicking action, and Vin is more than ready to muscle his way into his fight scenes.

He adds, “When I’m not taping, I train and study the fight scenes and how I can make the role of Onyx as real as possible for me. I think that to be able to stand out as a kontrabida, you really have to play your part as if it’s life or death. You have to really fight, manipulate, or even cry to get your character to win at all costs.”

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Asked to give a short teaser about Onyx’s back story, Vin shares, “Without giving too much info so that you’ll all still watch it, Onyx believes that the jewels are rightfully his. He had a tough childhood, that’s why he turned out the way he is. The hunt and the power that the jewels made him feel became his life’s mission. And he will stop at nothing to get them.”

It was in the top-rating 2022 drama fantasy series Lolong where Vin made his debut as a Kapuso artist, and he feels grateful to his GMA-7 bosses for giving him the opportunity to prove his acting mettle, this time as the main villain.

“It’s definitely an honor, when you think of the other actors who could’ve been handpicked for the role, right?” he muses. “That’s why I want to prove myself worthy of their trust and confidence, and who knows, maybe for even better roles in the near future.”

Vin also acknowledges his manager Arnold Vegafria for playing a big part in leveling up his acting game. He says, “Of course, I know for a fact that Sir Arnold has always been very persistent in looking for the right breaks and opportunities, and I thank him for believing in me.”

Aside from his Urduja stint, Vin had just wrapped up shooting for another action film, but remains mum about the details.

In the meantime, the hunky actor is relishing his new role as hands-on dad to daughter Avianna, who turns two next month. He exclaims, “I love being a dad to my little princess. Fatherhood has really changed me positively. It’s given me a deeper appreciation of life. It gave me direction and it’s teaching me a lot about patience, for sure. Providing for my family and taking care of them is what keeps me fulfilled. It’s definitely an exciting adventure that I never want to miss out on.”

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And of course, Vin remains just as ecstatic playing out his role as loving husband to wife Sophie Albert. The couple sealed their vows in two wedding ceremonies last January.

Asked about his married life, Vin quips, “I love the life Sophie and I share and the family we’re growing together. I married my best friend and I love coming home to her and our little princess.”

Vin Abrenica is currently managed by ALV Talent Circuit.


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