If you were blindfolded and was presented six ladies in front of you with the objective of searching for your mom, will you be able to pinpoint who is your real mother by just relying on your other senses?

I would.

My mom has short soft and straight hair. She stands around five feet and two inches tall, which is pretty much around the height just below my shoulder. She’s  slender for her age, given that she eats a lot of fish and veggies and she’s not too much on rice and other meat.

She has smooth and radiant skin from the years of extensive body lotion applied on her body.

She stands confidently straight — one of the few things she wants me to emulate from her: confidence.

She walks with grace and is always seemingly beaming with joy.

She has that youthful smile that will forever be engraved in our minds, and in our hearts.

So clearly, I think it’s easy to look for your mom in a crowd, even with the challenge of being blindfolded. Pandora’s message was clear and beautiful — there will always be a unique connection between a mother and a child. And I completely understand this as a personal fact.

Watch Pandora’s viral video:

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