Watch this cute video of a Filipino-American father-and-son tandem roaming around Manila using Bekinese or gay  (beki) lingo. Twenty-three year-old Wil Dasovich visited the Philippines in 2013 and was discovered by a talent scout to try out modeling. In his Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho interview last night, Wil revealed that even if his mom’s a Filipina, he didn’t learn the native language because his mom was surrounded by foreigners in the US. When he finally got to visit our country, Wil vowed to himself he won’t leave without being fluent in Filipino, particularly in Tagalog.  With his constant exposure to the modeling industry’s beki practitioners, beki lingo was instantly incorporated into his study of the language. 🙂 But to get things straight, he said he’s 100% straight and just enjoying the gayspeak. It does look like he’s enjoying it so much, he even got his cool dad to join him in his video.

Gorabels na, WATCH this now viral video of Wil and his American dad:


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