During her birthday blogcon last month, GMA artist LJ Reyes talked about her recent business venture – The Smart Mommy App (MApp). With the help of a team which includes a graphic artist, a writer, and a mobile app developer, LJ was able to come up with a mobile application that aims to be a helpful source of information for moms. Emergency hotlines, restaurant information, and other mommy tips are provided by the app. Since September 2016, the app is downloadable on iOS and Android phones.


It’s been months of hardwork and headaches, but it’s definitely worth it! From being just an idea, @mapp.ph is now ready to serve and help all parents out there. I want to thank people who from the beginning supported my crazy idea. @paolo_contis and @catilacad thank you for pushing me to start building my dream and vision. To my whole family whom I can’t tag kasi ang dami nyo! Hahaha but every single one of you supported me in every single way! To my team, from my developer to my graphic artist to my writer to my content manager, to may data mining team, salamat sa pagtulong, pagsisipag and giving more than what I ask of you! I pray for our relationship and our little project to prosper in God’s name! And how can I not thank my little one who has been my ultimate inspiration! Aki my love you have brought so much joy to mommy’s life and I cannot put into words how grateful I am to God for your presence in my life! In everything I do, you are my reason! God provides for me so I can provide for you, so I can take good care of a precious one like you. And above everyone else, I thank God for all these.. the idea, the support, the business, the key people.. God is my foundation, strength, wisdom and courage! Help me build this house Father God!❤️️ Now… get your phones out and download @mapp.ph on your phones mommas and poppas!!! Available on Android and soon on iOS! Let’s help each other build a loving community that supports each other! #MAppPH #AppForMommies #MommyApp ? by @niceprintphoto

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