In her recent personal blog entry, Maine Mendoza shared stories from her recent trip to the US to watch the Coldplay live in concert. The phenomenal star, based on her account, is a fangirl herself. Maine kept on raving about how watching the band perform live was a dream come true. She also shared that the trip to watch Coldplay in the US was a gift from Mr. Antonio Tuviera of APT Entertainment as her plan to see the band’s performance in Spain last May did not push through. She missed the Barcelona concert because of shooting for her recent movie Imagine You and Me with Alden Richards. Maine emphasized it was just a random gift and not as a reward for a successful movie.

It’s so heartwarming to see a girl who had fan groups waiting for her at the concert reveal how she’s a fan herself. You will catch her cry during one of Coldplay’s performances.

While in the US, Maine also got to watch Adele’s concert.


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