You’ve probably seen such a routine at It’s Showtime or some local event in the Philippines, but showcasing such young, diverse talent at an international stage is totally different.

We feel proud that these boys get to achieve their dreams and to rock the crowd of Asia’s Got Talent wasn’t an easy feat. 

We feel proud when everyone was chanting “Filipino! Filipino! Filipino!” after their massive performance.

What’s amazing with local artists who confidently stand in front of an international audience is that, they always carry their sense of patriotism with them (as in the case of world champion boxers, singers and beauty pageant titlists) — as if they owe their talent, hard work and achievements to the country. Maybe they do; maybe all of us do.

Watch the Junior New System dance crew kill those dance mash-ups with back flips and daredevil turns while wearing sexy yellow high heels.

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