I’ve been an Abundant since day 1 of ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda (TBWA).’ Well to be more precise, I’ve been constantly following the show since it was still ‘Aquino and Abunda Tonight’.

Boy Abunda always opens and closes TBWA greeting his followers, the Abundants, with pleasant messages and follows up with varied brief explanations what defines being an Abundant.

As a show’s avid viewer and observer, here’s how I personally define the community of ‘Abundants’:

An Abundant knows…

  1. How to listen. Conversations only happen when someone talks while the other person listens, using both the ears and the heart. Without the skill of listening, you tend to miss what’s really important in connecting to another person.
  2. How and when to ask the tough questions. The questions that not everyone can dare to ask. It takes a lot of courage to do so. An Abundant knows that only through asking are you able to get the answers. Sex or chocolates?
  3. How to connect to another person instantly. This is an innate gift that not every other person possesses: that extra effort and willingness to get to know the other person you just met by researching for a common topic and finding common interests as a starting point of your conversation. As they say, ‘you need to be interested in order to be interesting.’
  4. How to see the best in each person. ‘I believe in you,’ says Boy in one of the show’s episode. An Abundant always see the good in the person because he/she truly understands the totality of that individual.
  5. How to see the two sides. Before passing any judgements, an Abundant tries to understand the other side of the coin. He finds a balance in everything. He believes that there are always two sides to a story.
  6. How to make your Mama proud. To Abundants, families always come first. The success of any child is also the success of his/her parents.
  7. How to remain grateful. That by having a conversation with another person, he/she doesn’t only impart wisdom, but also learns from the other person. And he/she remains thankful for all these little learnings in everyday experiences. An Abundant also knows how to thank people around him. Ahem, Joan Boner. Quincy Macdonald. Boy So of La Carmela de Boracay.

Writing this blog post makes me think: being an Abundant is not merely just about building a show fandom; it’s also a philosophy to live by everyday.

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