Remember slam books when you were younger? I never had an answer to the question—what’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had in your life—until probably today.

“Yes, I danced in public—in a mall—and yes I’m joining a flash mob at the airport,” I retorted defensively to my condescending friends who were laughing at my newfound passion. Only few people out of the 12 pax on the table knew my “dancing side” and that I joined an all-Filipino dance crew.

“Flash mob at the airport?,” one of my friends asked. I saw the judging look on their faces. “WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT, YOU F*[email protected]!!” I replied with a chuckle, perhaps to mock their one-sided standards.

They never expected one of their friends to be dancing in public. They never expected me to be dancing in public — because that’s embarrassing. I knew I shouldn’t be telling them all these as they will barely understand. It just so happened that I have a dance practice smacked right at the middle of our reunion dinner, so I had to tell them why I had to leave early.

But seriously, I acknowledge their concern: do I really need to do all these?

I stepped out from our dinner venue with my head high — YOLO! I screamed at my thrilled, stubborn heart, not listening to what everyone else has to say. I dance because my heart tells me to.

Never judge yourself through someone else’s eye.

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