In a white-themed party at the Manila Yacht Club last June 30, Y Café launched Y Investments and other companies under it. Y Investments Philippines Inc., formerly known as Venture Capital Holdings Corporation was established with the main goal of solving day-to-day problems and helping improve society.

The brand’s current investments are:

  • Food service (restaurants and coffee shops)
  • Hotel management (consulting group)
  • Hospital and healthcare (management solutions)
  • Hospitality (5-star hotels)
  • Retail online (financing)
  • Tech support (training programs)
  • Customer relationship management (solutions – loyalty and rewards program)

The company aims to be a strategic partner to businesses and entrepreneurs and not just a mere capital provider. This is done by connecting their partners to the global market via an international network of affiliates.

The core services:

  1. Consulting 
  2. Expansion
  3. Shared service
  4. Funding

Y Investments Philippines is constantly searching for companies that have the potential to create change. Some of the industries they have ventured in – financial technology, healthcare, retail e-commerce, education, digital marketing, and telecommunications.

The brands under the Y Group:

  • Y-Acht Club
  • Y Cafe
  • Y Bizz Incubator
  • Y Hotel
  • Loyal Coin
  • BossJob
  • ZAP
  • WorldCompass
  • Health Engine
  • Philippine Dragon Media Network
  • Pinoy Jobs
  • Wolf CDN
  • Loan Champ

Here’s a snippet of the White Manila Party  at the Manila Yacht Club:

Selected media and key personalities like Ciara Sotto attended the event. Performers like Bea Alonso Te a.k.a. DJ Butta B and Miss Intercontinental 2015 First Runner-Up, Christy McGarry graced the event.

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