Katarina Rodriguez.  Photographed by Mike Rosenthal. All photos from asntm2.starworldasia.tv

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Forces to be reckoned with. Two Filipinas are on top of their games as they lead the pack of female contestants in the second season of “Asia’s Next Top Model.” With six other ladies left in the competition, both Katarina Rodriguez and Jodilly Pendre are considered to be the country’s best bets to win the title. 

For Episode 9, the girls flew to Borneo, Indonesia for their outdoor and adventurous shoot with the theme of “The Girls with a Wild Side.” Katarina, who won this week’s challenge, gave the judges a variation of elegant yet sensual, tribal-inspired poses, while Jodilly, fearless and all, ranked second. They were followed by Sheena (Malaysia), Marie (Japan), Josephine (Malaysia), and Nicole (Singapore). Meanwhile, Natalie of Taiwan was eliminated.

Jodilly Pendre. Photographed by Mike Rosenthal. 
Venue: Jungles of Borneo
The show is hosted by model/actress/VJ Nadya Hutagalung. Other mentors and judges include Filipina-model Joey Mead, photographer Mike Rosenthal, and creative director/choreographer Adam Williams. 
Brave Predictions: ASNTM Final 2 (Who Should Win vs. Who Will Win)
Who should be the runner-up: Josephine (Team Malaysia)
Although we would like to see Katarina in the final two, we don’t think the production team of the show will let two Filipinas remain in the finale. Hence, the fierce and strong Josephine is our next bet to be in the last round of the competition. You can definitely see in her eyes that she will do everything to win. Aside from Marie of Japan, the Malaysians (Josephine and Sheena) are by far the toughest contenders of Katarina and Jodilly.
Who will be the runner-up: Jodilly (Team Philippines)
For the second time in a row, will it be another Filipina who will place second in Asia’s Next Top Model? Last year’s runner-up was Stephanie Retuya.
Who should win: Jodilly (Team Philippines)
Well, aside from the fact that a Filipino wrote this blog post, as an ordinary TV viewer, we always tend to root for the underdog. We always put our faith on the ‘damsel in distress,’ the shy girl, and the naive woman, who will eventually blossom into a fine, young lady ready to conquer, inspire, and empower the world. And Jodilly has all these good qualities to win this game. 
Who will win: Marie (Team Japan)
Marie has been consistent for the past few challenges. She was won three challenges and she just keeps on improving every single week. She also has the best model facial features among all of the girls. Who knows, she can be Asia’s next Tyra Banks?
Best of luck to all the ladies. #TeamFilipinas, all the way!
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