Filipino-American vlogger and former PBB Housemate Wil Dasovich announced on his Youtube channel (August 23, 2017) via an 11-minute video entitled “The Doctor FInally Told Me (BAD NEWS)” that he is sick and was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is now back in San Francisco with his family while getting his regular check-ups and treatments.

In his latest video, he said:

After months of internal bleeding and frequent visits to the hospital, the mystery is finally over. The doctor called with the diagnosis on my condition. After hearing the news i could not help but reflect on everything that I have experienced in the last 25 years and how i got to this point in my life. The purpose of my vlogs as a whole are simply to provide a personal perspective and exemplify the way i have lived my life in a positive and meaningful way, focusing on how i have experienced as much as i could within the amount of time given. One of my most requested videos is about how i got to where I am today so i figured this was a good time to make that video. If there is one thing i want you to remember, it can be summarized by the following quote: “It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that count. Vlog 382” 

Aside from vlogging, Wil also dabbled in acting, modeling, and hosting previously. He has also formed his own Vlog Squad with friends Daniel Marsh, Coraleen Waddell, Haley Dasovich, Jako de Leon, and co-PBB housemate Baninay Bautista.

Keep fighting, Wil. We’ll be here praying for you too.

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