September 11th to 15th, 2019, at Manila International Book Fair, Webnovel announced its 10 Million-Peso reward and writer recruitment campaign – Webnovel Spirity Awards.

Webnovel provides an opportunity for everyone from any background or profession to become a millionaire writer. Over 40 million total visits globally, with around 60,000 original novels published, Webnovel has become an ideal stage for aspiring writers to showcase their work and earn money to reward the effort. In 2018, Webnovel invested 260 million pesos (5,000,000USD) remuneration to its pool of writers. It’ll be doubled in 2019.

Two famous local writers were invited to share their Webnovel journeys on the stage next to Webnovel booths (NO. 2-74 to 2-76) on September 13. Both writers started writing on Webnovel for less than half year to reach an income of millions of pesos. TheBlips is a 26-year-old-housewife, she now considers writing on Webnovel as her dream job. Popular works from TheBlips include: THE CEO’S WOMAN with 12 million pageviews and THE VILLAIN’ S WIFE with 3 million pageviews. The other writer, Kazzenlx is a primary school teacher who used to feel depressed for years before she started writing on Webnovel, now she constantly encounters readers publicly confessing their love to her and her book. Writing helped Kazzenlx imagining funny and romantic scenes; and as a result, she’s filled with hopes and happiness. Kazzenlx’s famous novel I LOVE YOU MONSTER received 14 million pageviews. 

Currently, nearly 40,000 writers published their work on the platform. All regular Webnovel contracted writers, are guaranteed with a minimum of 200 USD per month for the first four months when their revenue is below the standard; while top contractors receive one-on-one editing, one-on-one counselling and personal branding plus other support.

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Webnovel Spirity Awards— Write To Win 10 Million reward encourages more promising writers to produce good work on Webnovel for its readers. For more detailed awards information, you may check in October on ,also can find Webnovel on Instagram: @thewebnovel & FB: @webnovel & Twitter: @webnovel.

About Webnovel

Webnovel is an online, global literature platform. It has gathered about 40,000 international authors. As of August 2019, Webnovel has published about 60,000 original novels and aggregated more than 6 million monthly active users globally. For more information, please visit:

Webnovel’ s parent company, China Literature, as a leading online reading platform and literature intellectual property (IP) incubator in China, China Literature has a renowned collection of online reading platform brands such as QQ Reading and The company’s content library contains 7.8 million writers and 11.7 million works of literature covering more than 200 genres. China Literature is a dominant leader in the market in terms of quality and quantity of its content, the influence of its writers, and the value of its IPs. The company’s shares were listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the stock code 0772 in November 2017. 


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