Youtube’s Sensational Loveteam: Jam + Michelle = JAMICH 
Image: Official JAMICH TV Youtube Channel
While phenomenal team-ups like Kimerald and Melason achieved stardom via a reality show, the hit online loveteam Jamich is having it the other way around. After reaching celebrity status through their viral videos, Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu have finally been given the chance to star in a mini reality series on TV.
Images: Youtube screencap of Jamich TV logo and Kris TV screencap (ABS-CBN)
Jamich in Love: Ang Realityserye ng Puso will be aired weekly within the morning show Kris TV. This production is giving Jamich’s fans more than the simple guesting they’re insistently requesting for. The show’s host Kris Aquino acknowledged earlier that the teen couple’s first guesting in January this year contributed to one of the show’s highest rated episodes.
We’ll get to know more about Jam and Michelle in the coming weeks as they share with us their real-life happenings. In the meantime, read on to find out what transpired in their first episode earlier and get to catch their special Valentine offering in case you missed it.
First Episode: The Red Roses (aired on Kris TV February 21, 2012 episode)
Jam surprised his unsuspecting girlfriend Mich with a bouquet of roses and her favorite cake.
Images: Kris TV screencaps (ABS-CBN)

Random Stuff about JAMICH:

Images: Jamich’s official Facebook fanpage
  • Jamich’s popularity didn’t happen overnight. It took months of producing, writing, directing, editing, and starring in their own videos for the real and reel-life couple to get to where they are today. It’s such a delight to see that their efforts are finally starting to pay off. Aside from monetary payoff (they revealed they now share a joint account!), the couple’s online presence has also translated into a huge multiplatform following! They now have 300,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers and a Youtube channel with a total of 21,552,224 upload views (as of February 21,2012) with almost 60,000 subscribers!
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  • Check out the Jamich’s dance craze that has taken the online world by storm. Fans from all over have copied the couple’s signature dance steps.
Video: Youtube (JamichTV channel)
Video: Youtube (JamichTV channel)
  • Jamich’s collaboration with fellow Youtube sensation Mikey Bustos:
Video: Youtube (JamichTV channel)
  • Take a look at what kept them busy on Valentine’s Day. JamichTV’s MY NERDY VALENTINE:
Image: Jamich’s official Facebook fanpage
Video: Youtube (JamichTV channel)
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