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The House of Brows and Lashes, a distinguished beauty lounge, truly lives up to its name by delivering exceptional brow and lash makeovers. Not only do they excel in these areas, but they also demonstrate expertise in nail and hair transformations. Their reputation as the finest in the industry extends beyond brows and lashes. Now, their exceptional services are available in the Central Luzon region, specifically in Pampanga.

The House of Brows and Lashes in San Fernando, Pampanga, marks the 22nd branch of HBL, owned by the dedicated young couple Bryan Estinor and Christina Dela Cruz. Despite launching during the pandemic, they have swiftly demonstrated their supremacy in the beauty salon industry, achieving remarkable success within three years of operation.

A distinctive attribute that distinguishes House of Brows and Lashes is their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. They’ve poured their hearts into striving for excellence, propelling them to become one of the most extensive networks of brow and lash salons across the country. At HBL, they take pride in offering the esteemed Korean program, recognized for its exceptional training. This recognition opened up the opportunity for them to train their staff using this prestigious Korean program, guaranteeing that every single customer is treated to nothing but the absolute best.

Another turning point in the history of House of Brows and Lashes occurred when they partnered with Ms. Cristel Dael, who became the owner of the HBL San Fernando branch. Similar to other franchise owners, Ms. Dael was greatly impressed by the professionalism, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail demonstrated by the brand. These qualities led her to become an essential part of the brand as well.

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They are referred to as ‘partners’ rather than ‘franchise owners’ or ‘franchisees’ because it reflects their involvement in the entirety of logistics and business operations. This involvement covers various aspects, including the recruitment and management of manpower, the search for appropriate locations, supply provision, marketing, and promotional activities, as well as staff training.

House of Brows & Lashes has consistently proven itself as the wisest investment for your hard-earned money over the years. As one of the newest and rapidly expanding one-stop salon chains in the country, they extend a warm invitation to all brow, lash, and nail enthusiasts to seize this exceptional business opportunity.

They believe that in HBL, franchisees are not just franchise owners; they are partners. For franchise inquiries, you can contact their email ( or call 09179691265.


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