RANDOM REPUBLIKA is an online extension of typical conversations about anything and everything under the sun. This first started out in 2011 as a joint project of college buddies Kate and Greg, who randomly thought of putting up a blog. The two have been friends since university days in Ateneo de Manila. With so many topics sprouting from a single one, the name Random Republika perfectly captured the whole concept. The duo turned into a trio a year later when their friend (and thesis groupmate!) Paolo joined the team.

As Greg ventured into other exciting stuff, Random Republika is now being maintained by Paolo and Kate. With a shared interest in showbiz, lifestyle, and travel, expect the blogger-best friends to bring you stories you can expect to hear over lunch with relatives or coffee with your work friends. They’ll also be sharing bits and pieces of their personal experiences. From what’s in to what’s hot, they’ll try to share it with you on the spot. 


Despite being in the field of brand marketing, Kate still nurtures her love for the arts through dabbling in creative hobbies such as illustration, visual design, makeup artistry, and cake decorating. Recently, she has also discovered a fondness for watercolor painting and calligraphy.

A self-confessed TV, lifestyle, and travel junkie, Kate utilizes Random Republika as a venue for her random thoughts and discoveries. Known to be manang by nature, Kate balances it out with her fun-loving best friend, Paolo. Through Random Republika, she’ll let you in on another side of her that’s more opinionated and adventurous.


Q: Something interesting about me

Kate: After spending a few years in Dubai as a teen, I can read and write in Arabic but can hardly speak and understand the language. My sister and I just use the skill as our way of communicating with each other in secret code.

Q: Words to live by

Kate: One thing I’ve been consistent in through the years is being a stickler for time. I get teased a lot for being an early bird on many occasions but it’s just that I strongly believe that punctuality is a sign of respect and time is irreplaceable.

Q: Most inspirational artist I look up to

Kate: Technically, Jiro Ono of Sukiyabashi Jiro is not an artist but I consider him one for mastering the art of sushi making. Like a real artist, Jiro puts passion and invests time into his culinary craftsmanship. His keen attention to detail and making sure every output is no less than perfect is notable. To add to that, he brings joy and inspiration to many through his artistry.

Q: Pick your favorite cuisine

Kate: Aside from Filipino food, I love both Japanese and Korean cuisines. If only I could, I would eat uni sushi and samgyupsal everyday!

Q: If I can be a superhero for one day

Kate: I would love to be Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls. Her personality ingredient is sugar and signature color is blue (my favorites, haha!). I love how Bubbles can be sweet and kind but still capable of getting so enraged to fight the bad guys.


Living abroad for more than half a decade now, Paolo works in Singapore as a sales and marketing manager for a luxury travel publication. His creative urges can’t always be contained hence photography, video documentaries, and blogging are his go-to forms of artistic release. Since he didn’t get to pursue TV production after getting a degree in Communication, Paolo now turns to Random Republika as an outlet to keep himself updated and to share his thoughts on what’s happening in showbiz and beyond.


Q: Something interesting about me

Paolo: I’ve always dreamt about being back-up dancer to the stars in a local Sunday variety TV show such as ASAP. I don’t think this will ever happen in this lifetime though! 

Q: Words to live by

Paolo: Between being ‘”a small fish in a big pond” and “a big fish in a small pond,” I choose to be the latter. Choosing between the two might be a chicken and egg thing — as there are advantages and disadvantages in every pond size. For me, I choose to leave a special mark even given a small clout. Now, does it make sense why I chose the Instagram handle @bigbluefish?

Q: Most inspirational artist I look up to

Paolo: Tough — probably too many to mention. But I’ll go with Mother Monster, Lady Gaga. Her music has resonated well with me: from Just Dance (just dance, gonna be okay, da-da-dance…) to Born This Way (my mama told me when I was young, we were born all superstars), Poker Face (no, he can’t read my poker face), to You and I (something about lonely nights and my lipstick on your face). Isn’t she a musical genius? Plus the fact that she has stormed through various criticisms such as the media hallucinations that she’s a work of the devil and has continuously reinvented herself to the person she is now: a classy piece of art. 

Q: Pick your favorite cuisine

Paolo: Pinoy food, all the way. Siningang na baboy, adobo, laing, bicol express, and liempo are my perpetual favorites. 

Q: If I can be a superhero for one day

Paolo: Captain America — a good, moral person down to his core. In this complicated world, he can be a forgettable protagonist beside the flashy Iron Man, superstar Superman, or baffling Batman. But Captain America’s old soul and humane charm makes him my superhero. 


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