Remember the viral sensation who sang Beyoncé with a comb for a microphone? That was Katrina Velarde, way back in 2015. Now, she’s not just belting her heart out in the bathroom – Katrina’s taking over the stage with “ZCON,” her much-awaited concert at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater on April 13th, 2024.

“I haven’t had a concert since 2019,” Katrina gushes at her solo press conference at Myeongdong Gastropub in Quezon City. This is the energy she has been craving. Working with Khimo, Sam, Reiven, and JM, Katrina finds them amazing. She says, “We just click.” It’s true, these guys are vocal powerhouses on their own, but together with Katrina? Prepare for fireworks!

So Why “ZCON”?

Lots of folks wonder why focus on Gen Z for her concert. “It hit me,” Katrina explains, “My core audience, my ride-or-dies, those are Gen Z fans. They’re the ones rocking out with me.”

What Makes “ZCON” the Concert You Can’t Miss

Katrina’s in the driver’s seat this time. “My musical director, Teddy Katigbak, he’s the genius behind all my covers and social media stuff. We’re a dream team!” Expect fresh takes on classics, the kind of arrangements that set Katrina apart.

This isn’t just about Katrina (even though her voice is a force of nature). Her killer backing vocalists are superstars waiting to happen. Get ready to discover new favorites alongside a powerhouse headliner!

Get Your Tickets Now!

“ZCON” promises epic vocal battles, surprise covers, and enough energy to blow the roof off Circuit Makati. Grab your tickets on Ticket World.

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Katrina with Vince Apostol (left) and David Bhowie (right)

ZCON: The Concert will be directed by David Bhowie C. with the help of creative director Vince Apostol. Produced by Aqueous Entertainment.

My selfie with the ZCon! 🙂

Fun facts about Katrina:

  • Child star turned vocal powerhouse
  • Went viral with that epic comb-singing performance
  • Performed all over the world, conquering hearts and charts
  • Currently rocks the judge’s chair on the hit show “Tawag ng Tanghalan sa It’s Showtime”

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