In an exciting development for fans everywhere, actor-entrepreneur RS Francisco embarks on a new journey as he introduces his very own YouTube channel, inaugurating the year 2024 with a splash. Known for his distinguished work across film, television, and the stage, Francisco aims to share positive energy and reveal a more lighthearted, enjoyable aspect of his life through the RS Francisco Channel, welcoming viewers into his circle of “ka-blessings.”

For his inaugural episode this Good Friday, Francisco visits the revered Padre Pio church in Quezon City, accompanied by his childhood friend and celebrated actress, Harlene Bautista. This episode is not just a travel vlog but a deeply personal one, where Francisco expresses his gratitude for the miracles in his life, particularly highlighting a moment when a loved one overcame a severe illness in an inexplicable manner, attributing it to the intercession of Padre Pio during a time of great adversity.

The visit to this famous church, known for its miraculous interventions, takes an unexpected turn when Bautista experiences a profound emotional moment, leaving her momentarily unable to move or speak, overwhelmed with tears. The episode teases viewers with questions: What triggered Bautista’s sudden emotional outburst? What was the significant challenge Francisco faced? And why is he so driven to spread the message of gratitude towards each other and especially towards God?

Francisco shares his unexpected joy in vlogging, expressing immense happiness and gratitude for the opportunity to create content with Bautista and spread a spirit of gratitude together. However, he candidly admits his alarm at Bautista’s breakdown, worried she might faint.

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This and more can be explored in RS Francisco’s Holy Week 2024 special, available for free viewing this Good Friday, March 31, on the RS Francisco Channel on YouTube. It’s a call to action for all YouTubers to come together, spreading gratitude, love, and blessings alongside Francisco. Subscribe to RS Francisco’s Official YouTube Channel and join the ka-blessing squad.


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