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Cristine Reyes celebrates her two decades in the entertainment industry by returning to the romantic comedy genre alongside Empoy Marquez in “Kidnap for Romance.” After a five-year hiatus from such roles, she takes on the character of a stuntwoman, infusing action into the movie. Empoy Marquez, known for his endearing humor, co-stars with Reyes following his breakthrough in “Kita Kita” and his recent appearance in “Walang Kaparis.” Alongside Reyes and Marquez, there is a supporting cast that includes Boboy Garavillo, Yayo Aguila, Jeric Raval, Nikko Natividad, Debbie Garcia, Archi Adamos, TJ Valderrama, Kyo Quijano, Tyro Daylusan, and Marnie Lapus.

In the film, Reyes portrays Elena, also known as “Ganda,” who doesn’t have the best influence at home. Her troubled home life consists of her jailed father Mando (Archi Adamos) and brother Jayjay (Nikko Natividad) for theft. With her mother Rosing (Yayo Aguila) in need of medical care, Elena reluctantly joins a syndicate for quick and easy money.

Marquez takes on the role of Godofredo Tan, nicknamed “Fred,” a half-Chinese individual and the sole grandson of wealthy magnate Henry Tan. Despite pressure coming from his grandfather to marry and inherit their riches, Fred is afraid of commitment.

Elena was given the job of kidnapping Fred, the unwilling heir to a wealthy family, and holding him for ransom by her Ninong Arturo (Jeric Raval). Elena successfully captures him and hides at Fred’s family villa despite the challenging encounters with the police during the kidnapping. Just as Lolo Henry suddenly arrives at the villa, a fight breaks out and develops into a physical altercation. When Lolo Henry sees them in an inappropriate position, he reacts angrily and demands that they get married as soon as possible.

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Elena’s family could finally hit the jackpot they’ve been hoping for if the wedding is pushed through. But don’t get too excited; Fred holds a secret that could expose Elena’s true intentions. But will he? Could Elena be the one?

Empoy mentioned that he never expected that he would be receiving more projects after his movie “Kita Kita” with Alessandra de Rossi, and he was indeed grateful for that, especially to his latest project with Cristine Reyes. “Kusang dumarating po ang mga blessings at tsaka po mga projects, iyon po yung laking pasasalamat ko sa mga taong nagtitiwala sa akin.”

Cristine expressed her excitement working with Empoy as her leading man in this action-comedy project, which she also shared is her favorite genre during the movie presscon last August 17, 2023. “Excited ako, masaya katrabaho si Empoy. Nag-work na kasi kami before, pero ito yung first film namin, so nung nalaman ko na makakawork ko si Empoy, Excited ako.”

Invite your family and friends and come watch “Kidnap for Romance,” directed by Victor Villanueva (Patay na si Hesus, Boy Bastos). The premiere starts on September 6, 2023, in cinemas nationwide.


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