ABS-CBN’s ‘Got To Believe’ which premiered on August 26, 2013 continue to create big waves with the powerful and charming tandem of Teen King and Queen, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. According to the latest Kantar Media (see full ratings here – Sept. 16-22, 2013), they remain as the second most watched Primetime TV series nationwide following Juan Dela Cruz.
Aside from their love team’s excellent screen chemistry, Daniel Padilla’s undeniable #MedyoBadBoy sex appeal also plays a big factor to the increasing popularity of the soap especially among girls. Daniel plays as Joaquin ‘Wacky’ Manansala; a rich boy who was hit by a stray bullet when he was still a kid. Due to this accident, he grew up overly protected by his parents. As he usually stays inside their house alone and without any friends, he ended up as a lonely, mysterious, and scared teenager until later on, he eventually meets a happy-go-lucky gal in the person of Chichay (played by Kathryn).
If you are not yet a fan of the show, here are probably the top 10 reasons why you will fall in love with Daniel’s character: 

1. Those awkward looking gazes that will make your heart melt any time of the day

2. That moment when his palms are full of sweat because he’s about to dance with you for the very first time

3. That worried look on his face, you just want to embrace him

4. When everyone’s making fun of him because of his weird look, you just want to run to his side and stand up for him

5. That unintentional sexy smize (smile with your eyes) 

6. That character who always appears as a weakling at the start of the series but eventually turns into a superhero/changed man in the end 

7. The shy, pa-mysterious effect look

8. As he’s trying to make pa-cute, he tries to show his goofy side by trying to kill you

9. He’s emo and uberly sensitive. He has his own world, you would just want to be part of it

10. And the best part is, he is still the cutest and ultimate “MEDYO BAD BOY” in town

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