Having interviewed Moira Dela Torre in press conferences over the years, I have observed her weight loss transformation. The hitmaker, singer-songwriter’s recent social media posts reveal a remarkable change, inspiring awe and admiration.

In a brave move at her latest endorsement launch, Moira bravely opens up about her weight loss journey. She offers words of encouragement, demonstrating her unwavering trust in her fans’ capacity to overcome their own obstacles.

Reflecting on her experience, Moira shared, “My life has changed significantly in the past two and a half years. It’s not just about the physical changes, but the profound healing I’ve experienced within. I’ve evolved since my major weight loss.”

“In 2020, I started all these diets. I went vegan, keto. I’ve tried intermittent fasting. I tried everything,” Moira candidly revealed, “When I stopped putting pressure on myself and started allowing myself to just be me, that was when I stopped feeling the pressure. I’m sorry, I might have to say this trigger warning. I became bulimic for two years and it only worsened my situation and caused me to gain more weight. When I stopped putting pressure on myself to just be, doon parang kumalma ang katawan ko and I started losing weight gradually. I think alam ng katawan mo kapag naaalagaan siya ng tama. Alam ng katawan natin kapag minamahal siya ng tama.”

Her recent endorsement as the face of BonaSlim in Quezon City marks a pivotal moment. “Don’t be too hard on yourself. I know that’s such a cliché thing, but to be honest, how I started losing weight was when I stopped trying,” Moira emphasizes.

Moira’s gradual transformation, which occurred without relentless effort, fills her with joy and a sense of accomplishment. “I’m just very thankful that the change happened so gradually. It wasn’t anything quick. It started from within. Ang daming magagandang change na nagbago. I didn’t realize this was something I could do.”

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She champions self-love: “Self-love is not selfish. To the people trying to lose weight, I want you to care more about yourself. It took so long to think that I was beautiful before. And then, the physical change happened. We are beautiful. For people who are going on a journey that I have been on, don’t be too hard on yourself. Be unapologetic when it comes to choosing yourself. It’s not a bad thing.”

Moira’s excitement extends beyond her transformation; she’s thrilled about her upcoming US concert tour and the imminent completion of her album. “Tinatapos ko din ang album so I’m in a work mood. That makes me feel good about accomplishing things and finishing something I started. I know matagal ng dapat matapos ang album. But I know good things take time. After waiting a long time, that makes me feel very good.”

Her partnership with BonaSlim fills her with gratitude. “I will not take full credit for what I have now. I relate very much with the vision that BonaSlim had. They gave me so much creative freedom. The whole family welcomed me. They were at every shoot. They were at every meeting. I’m very, very grateful. Ang laki ng tiwalang binigay nila sa akin. I felt it. They didn’t just get me as an endorser, but they really trusted what I could give.”

Genesis Cerezo (Chief Finance Officer) and Jhederly Masiclat (Sales Manager) express their appreciation for Moira. “On behalf of the BonaSlim and BonaVita family, I am very grateful to Moira for trusting our brand and our family. We are also thankful to Cornerstone Management for the opportunity to be part of something big,” Genesis says.

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Jhederly adds: “The journey of transformation and more to the path for a healthier and happier you with BonaSlim. At BonaVita Philippines, we are happy to present our new product, designed to support your wellness journey for a healthier and fitter lifestyle.”


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