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On August 8, 2023, Jamsap Artists’ new talents were reintroduced to the media, coinciding with the launch of the JAMSAP TV Mobile App, now available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. This launch also coincided with the signing of a partnership contract with ES Transport, Inc., the buses that pass by the Carousel along EDSA.

Jojo’s reason for developing the TV mobile app was explained: “Based on what I’ve seen, the demands of artists have increased, but the network is limited, as seen with ABS-CBN. So, I decided to explore other platforms and keep up with new technology. I thought of using ‘data’ instead of frequency because data offers a wider range now. With our new feature, viewers can truly enjoy it. When they’re on the move, their only option is Jamsap TV. Unlike other networks, where you can change the channel on a bus, here with us, JAMSAP TV is the unique choice for every Filipino.”

Jamsap, with several years in the industry, hosts two to three launches for both new and existing talents and their projects. This serves as an opportunity to introduce them to the media and the public.

The bosses at Jamsap TV believe that data allows them to reach a global audience, as frequency still comes with many requirements. Jojo Flores, Chief Executive Officer of Jamsap Entertainment, stated, “The demand for being an artist is that I can help others make their dreams come true, just like I did.” They plan to launch numerous shows that will undoubtedly benefit viewers.

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Jojo Flores and Maricar Moina, Chief Operating Officer (COO), of Jamsap Entertainment, were concerned about their talents, especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This led them to develop another online platform where their talents could gain more exposure. They provide training and workshops for their talents before releasing them, which is why many of them can be seen in various teleseryes.

The leaders at Jamsap Entertainment are enthusiastic about showcasing their hard work to the world, especially in the Philippines. They have plans to launch a variety of TV shows on Jamsap TV, with a flurry of press conferences in the media by December this year. They are currently in the process of shooting different shows, and some may even be released by December 2023. This is a unique opportunity for viewers to get to know Jamsap TV better in the entertainment industry and to provide opportunities for Filipino dreamers to showcase their talents and abilities.


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