When it comes to the latest dermatological trends, let Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Skin Clinic fill you in. A few weeks ago, she let me and other media guests experience the technology firsthand. But of course, it did not happen without her explaining things first and laying down options. Hello, reverse aging!

My favorite part of her media launches is the LECTURE session! 🙂

Fillers have long been a mainstay in the fight against aging. Fillers can turn the clock back a few years by filling in wrinkles, adding volume to areas that appear sunken, and when strategically put, giving the face an overall lift. They are a perfect complement to other injectables like botox.

Hyaluronic acid is a soluble substance that can be used to make fillers that fill up small fissures and places like an implant would, but which will eventually degrade and be eliminated by the body naturally. You would typically need to visit the office for a refill every 4 to 12 months if you wanted to keep the look that fillers gave you. It is regarded as a brief reshaping or filling of all the places that require some support.

Today, fillers have advanced far beyond just giving a temporary lift. Newer fillers, such as Calcium hydroxylapatite, now also have collagen stimulating properties. They are called collagen stimulators.

This means that while they add that instant volume that typical hyaluronic acid fillers do, they also, in-part, give your body a push to kickstart a localized collagen production. 

Collagen makes up the structure of our face, or whatever area we are treating. It is the gradual and natural loss of collagen, usually due to aging, that we aim to reverse with fillers. With these newer fillers, we supplement the implantation of a foreign substance that creates volume by signaling the body to create more collagen as the foreign substance dissolves and exits the body. This means that as the filler dissolves, collagen produced by our own bodies take over, extending the results way beyond the life expectancy of the filler substance. 

Aesthefill: The Lumi Skin Ultra BioStim

Aesthefill is the newest filler and biostimulator of collagen in current existence that is FDA approved to be safe for aesthetic use. It is even more advanced than Calcium hydroxylapatite or other collagen stimulators—the effect is a lot more natural and a lot safer.

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Aesthefill is safer

Aesthefill is now made up of FDA-approved PDLLA or Poly-D L-Lactic Acid, a form of Poly-Lactic Acid that’s even safer. Biodegradable and biocompatible, this polymer has been used in the medical industry for many years.

Aesthefill strengthens the skin
Aside from collagen stimulating, Aesthefill is also considered a skin strengthening filler. The acceleration of fibrous protein regeneration is what makes it special. The skin is gradually strengthened and fortified. This makes the filler perfect for treatingwrinkles caused by aging. 

Aesthefill looks more natural

Aesthefill relies less on the solution’s capability to create volume and fill areas, but simply allows the body to begin supplementing the volume on its own. It is almost like a treatment for the body to heal itself, versus a band-aid solution that will only temporarily add volume.

Aesthefill lasts longer

It does not show much immediate effects, as the actual substance only lasts in the body for about a week. Over time, or a period of approximately six weeks, the body itself creates the volume, one that effectively lasts for about two years. 
Looking to try Aesthefill? It may be the answer you’re looking for to treat laugh lines, forehead lines, chins, tear troughs, marionette lines, jawlines, temples, cheeks, cheekbones, neck, and the nose. Book a consultation with a Luminisce dermatologist today to  get your own bespoke customized  treatment plan for your age related skin and body concern.


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