In a world filled with fleeting trends, there’s something extraordinary about embracing the timeless. The Amara Shia Jenela Collection, a dazzling array of jewelry, is more than just a set of accessories; it’s a manifestation of love, humility, and hope meticulously crafted into every piece.

Inspired by the remarkable journey of “Jenela in Japan,” the collection encapsulates the essence of enduring love, rooted in humility and fueled by unwavering hope. It’s more than just jewelry; it’s a tale waiting to be worn, a reminder that dreams take flight with hard work, faith, and passion.

Shina Aquino, the visionary CEO behind Amara Shia Jewelry, discovered the perfect muse for this collection in Jenela Tuguinay-Cachera, known as a TikTok sensation. Their shared love for jewelry as both an investment and a cherished adornment fostered an instant connection. “Jenela in Japan” not only captivated hearts with her soothing vlogs but also enchanted Aquino with her profound connection to jewelry.

“I met Jenela online when she wanted to have some jewelry custom-made. My husband and I personally met her in Japan, and that’s when I realized she would make the perfect ambassador for Amara Shia,” shared Aquino, emphasizing the genuine bond formed over a shared appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship.

Jenela, the epitome of grace and charm, resonates deeply with the Amara Shia ethos. Her personal journey with jewelry, intertwined with memories of her mother using gold pieces as a form of currency, illuminates the value of these treasures beyond aesthetics.

When Jenela had some pieces custom-made with Amara Shia, she was amazed at the quality of the brand’s workmanship. She found the prices reasonable and even genuinely felt that she should be paying more for them. Jenela expressed these thoughts in Tagalog and English, underscoring the exceptional quality that defines the Amara Shia experience.

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The star of the collection is the heart-shaped earrings, accompanied by a matching necklace and ring, all meticulously crafted from white 18k Hong Kong gold and adorned with diamonds. Jenela, the driving force behind this exquisite design, shared the sentimental inspiration behind it.

The design was inspired by the first piece of jewelry that Jenela’s husband gave her. Since they were still struggling financially at the time, what Kevin bought her was not made of real gold. She still treasures it just the same. When designing her first collection for Amara Shia, she thought it would be a good idea to make something like that jewelry Kevin gave her. That is why Jenela considers this collection special. It was inspired by their love for each other.

The collection not only serves as a celebration of love between partners but also symbolizes the profound love for family. “Jenela in Japan” started as an online diary but evolved into a viral sensation, resonating with audiences on Facebook and TikTok who found solace in her relatable content.

For those seeking to adorn themselves with more than just jewelry, the Amara Shia Jenela Collection beckons. It’s an invitation to wear stories, to embrace enduring love, and to carry a piece of humility and hope wherever life’s journey takes you.

Explore the Amara Shia Jenela Collection at and witness the fusion of love, humility, and hope elegantly crafted into timeless treasures. Each piece is not just an accessory; it’s a promise – a promise to celebrate the beauty of enduring love, crafted with precision and passion.

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