FOR the very first time, Joey Marquez sits down with Korina Sanchez-Roxas for a one-on-one exclusive interview in the latest episode of Korina Interviews today, Sunday, January 14, 5 pm, right after the romantic-comedy series Good Will.

Discover Joey’s humble beginnings from being a basketball player, an actor and eventually, a public servant. His personal life is also very colorful with a total of 16 children.

“Wag na natin paabutin ng 17,” says Joey. “Ok na ako sa 16 kong mga anak.” And how true is it that he almost got jailed when he was a public servant? And what’s the story behind allegedly wanting to end his life after what he did to veteran actress Gloria Romero during their Palibhasa Lalake days?

Find out about all these later today on Korina Interviews!

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