A fresh-faced talent is poised to captivate audiences with a unique blend of Irish, British, and Filipino heritage. Meet Geraldine Jennings, a multi-talented artist set to make her mark in the industry with her debut performance in the upcoming Solid Gold Entertainment Production movie, “Isla Babuyan.”

In a recent media conference held at Fin & Claw restaurant in Quezon City, Geraldine shared her excitement about venturing into local showbiz. With a background that spans diverse cultures, she brings a new and captivating presence to the screen. Born to a Northern Irish-British father, Frank Jennings, and a Filipina mother, Gina Cariaga, Geraldine’s multicultural upbringing is reflected not only in her heritage but also in her artistic endeavors.

“At a young age, I loved singing. My mom enrolled me in singing and guitar classes. I just loved it. I studied it in Los Angeles. And I grew to love the craft,” Geraldine shared. Her passion for filmmaking is palpable, and she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the ongoing production of “Isla Babuyan.”

The movie, directed by Abdel Langit, tells the compelling story of Anastassia (Geraldine), a young woman of mixed heritage who journeys to the Philippines to be with her Filipino mother, Rose, portrayed by the seasoned actress Lotlot De Leon. As Anastassia navigates love and societal challenges, the plot unfolds. Other stars in the cast are Jameson Blake, Dave Bornea, and Samantha Daza.

Geraldine’s dedication to her craft is evident as she eagerly embraces the challenges of acting. “It was an amazing experience. It’s still ongoing. We haven’t finished yet. It was challenging initially because it was different from studying it. But everyone was so helpful, so friendly. It was normal, and I felt great. I love it,” she expressed.

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The young artist also opened up about her influences in the entertainment industry. “While I was growing up, it was Miley Cyrus. I love her music. ‘Party In The USA’ was my favorite. I still love her now. Her new album ‘Flowers.’ She’s my inspiration musical-wise. Right now, Dua Lipa. I love her style. I love how she sings and how she performs. Acting-wise, I will have to say Gal Gadot. She’s my favorite in ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Red Notice.’ Also, Margot Robbie. She is amazing in ‘Barbie,’ very versatile. Those are my influences.”

Geraldine’s versatility extends beyond the realm of entertainment. An enthusiast of equestrian activities, polo, clay pigeon shooting, fitness, and exercise, she embodies a well-rounded personality.

Having spent significant time in the United Kingdom, Geraldine maintains a second home in Manila, emphasizing her deep connection to both worlds. Her family background, with roots in politics and teaching on her mother’s side, adds another layer to the richness of her identity.

As Geraldine embarks on her journey in Philippine showbiz, she brings not only her artistic talents but also a commitment to continuous learning. Her training in Los Angeles, acting workshops, and collaboration with industry veterans showcase her dedication to honing her skills.

Geraldine’s story is not just about a rising star making waves in showbiz; it’s about embracing diversity, celebrating heritage, and contributing to the dynamic tapestry of Philippine entertainment. Keep an eye out for Geraldine Jennings as she shines brightly on the big screen, bringing a fusion of cultures and a genuine passion for the arts.


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