Life’s unpredictability can catch us off guard. Imagine belting out tunes at a karaoke bar one moment, and then feeling that familiar itch in your throat the next. Or perhaps you’re relaxing by the pool when a scratchy sensation emerges. Worse yet, on the day of an important interview, you’re troubled by a dry, itchy throat.

Such moments can throw a wrench in your plans, forcing you to pause or even spiral into panic. This often leads to missed opportunities and a decline in performance.

While traditional remedies might provide relief, a scratchy throat has a knack for appearing suddenly, often when you least expect it and options are scarce. It’s as if throat discomfort has a way of finding you at the most inconvenient times, leaving you scrambling for a solution.

Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol Amylmetacresol (Strepsils) works in as fast as 60 seconds up to 2 hours so you don’t have to fuzz around when you need relief.

In terms of speed, convenience, and variety, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol Amylmetacresol (Strepsils) has got your back. 

Since you don’t know when a scratchy sensation will occur, it’s convenient that Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol Amylmetacresol (Strepsils) is readily available at your nearest drug stores and convenience stores. You can pick one up on your way to that important engagement, or include it in your grocery list for your next trip.

When you’re out on a road trip, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol Amylmetacresol (Strepsils) is there at the rest stop. It also comes in packs of 8s and 24s, so you don’t run out easily.

Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol Amylmetacresol (Strepsils) also offers different options, depending on your preference and lifestyle. Cool Sensation and Extra Strong leave a lingering menthol sensation, while Hexylresorcinol (Strepsils Max) provides a numbing element to minimize pain, while Flurbiprofen (Strepsils Max Pro) addresses inflammation.

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All combined, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol Amylmetacresol (Strepsils) proves to be that one-step solution to keep your life spontaneous.


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