TOP NOTCH and Chandler are starting the year strong with two singles – Bitin and Kape, respectively – that make February truly the month of love. This is following their launch under Viral Records last October.

“Bitin is written for those who want to tell the person they admire that they won’t be unsatisfied if given a chance at love,” shared Lawrence of TOP NOTCH. In addition to the song’s message, TOP NOTCH teased that listening to the Bitin might leave you wanting more – just like the title – since only a third of it has words, the rest being instrumental.

The playful words and upbeat melody of TOP NOTCH’s Bitin will take you back to when you are falling in love, when that love is full of promise and excitement. Haven’t we all been there? Smitten by that special person, we are convinced that our love deserves to bereciprocated since what we have to offer is simply the best.

For Chandler’s Kape, the inspiration took place from his classmate who loves coffee. “My classmate and his girlfriend always go to coffee shops for their dates. You know, I really hope they continue staying strong because wouldn’t it be nice to have Kape played during their wedding someday?

The single opens with an invitation – “Tara, kape tayo” – and listening to it will make you say yes instantly. Paired with the jazz elements, Chandler’s soothing voice will remind you that coffee is best consumed when shared with a significant other.

TOP NOTCH and Chandler are both committed to continuing making music, collaborating with other Viral Records artists, and practicing their live performance skills. More specifically, TOP NOTCH is set on exploring EDM Rock and Alternative Pop genres, while Chandler wants to blend modern and traditional melodies and wordplays in future songs. 

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Speaking of other Viral Records artists, LIRICO has also released their latest single entitled Ichibu, which literally translates to “one part.” The collective releases of Bitin, Kape, and Ichibu highlights Viral Records’ mission of championing local music and artists.

TOP NOTCH also revealed that they will be posting more content on TikTok, giving their fans glimpses of their practice sessions, behind-the-scenes clips during gigs, and more. As for Chandler, he promises that his fans will be able to have a playlist for their

respective crushes through his music.


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