Star Magic artists Mutya Orquia and Beaver Magtalas are heating up promposal season with a whirlwind of mixed emotions! While Orquia, turning 18 this May, expressed a desire to walk the Star Magical Prom carpet solo for a sense of independence, Magtalas couldn’t resist the urge to risk it all and ask her to be his date yet again.

Their upcoming film, “When Magic Hurts,” provided the perfect backdrop for the drama to play out. During a press conference, the burning question was posed: would they attend the prom together?  To the surprise of many, Orquia revealed her intention to go alone.

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This revelation seemed to fuel Magtalas’ determination. A surprise video played, showcasing his heartfelt monologue. He subtly addressed any misunderstandings Orquia might have felt due to his busyness. The video then hinted at an anonymous admirer, with a clip of Orquia receiving flowers and shoes before the promposal.

The drama peaked as a real-life “herald” announced Magtalas’ arrival, dressed up as a charming prince! He addressed Orquia directly, respecting her wish to attend solo yet bravely asking for the chance to be her date. When she tried on the shoes, it was like a scene straight out of Cinderella!

Despite her plans, Orquia was deeply touched by the grand gesture. Her acceptance brought an undeniable air of relief and joy. But Magtalas’ chivalry didn’t end there. In a move showcasing his respect, he granted her wish to walk the carpet alone, pledging to support her from afar.

“I want her to realize that independence doesn’t equate to solitude,” he explained. “You can have someone to rely on when needed – I want to be that person for her.”

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