In a remarkable achievement, Chemist Pinky Tobiano was appointed as the president of the Association of Bai Recognized Laboratories (ABAIL). This exceptional organization, formed by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), comprises all the recognized and accredited associations by BAI.

The main objective of ABAIL is to harmonize test methods for veterinary drugs, animal feeds, and feed ingredients, aiming to support the poultry and livestock industry in the Philippines. Through precise laboratory testing, ABAIL also contributes to food security and sustainability. Moreover, the association actively fosters friendly relationships with government and private stakeholders.

L-R: ABAIL secretary Herbert Mendoza of Lipa Quality Control Center (LQCC), ABAIL external vice president Dr. Rhodora Marasigan, United Broiler Raisers’ Association (UBRA) president, lawyer Bobby Inciong, ABAIL internal vice president Yehlen Salilid and ABAIL’s new president, chemist Pinky Tobiano.

As the backbone of support for veterinary drug companies, feed millers, and importers of veterinary drugs and feed additives, ABAIL plays a crucial role in enhancing the industry’s performance and standards.

We provide quality control tests to conform with national standards,” said Ms. Tobiano. “We make sure our test methods are strictly observed and followed.”

Last February, Ms. Tobiano turned over her testing services company, Qualibet, which stands for “Quality is Better,” to global leader Bureau Veritas.

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