In an attempt to create more awareness about exciting new health products, supply chain management and marketing company MyATOMS wooed successful Filipino entrepreneur Gerry Santos for a partnership. Also known as Mr. Freeze, Santos willingly joins the rising company.

Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Petalver, Mr. Freeze Gerry Santos, MBA CEO Marcam Marasigan, and Chief Marketing Officer Thea Coballes

MyATOMS, the visionary company with a mission to make every moment count, proudly announced its latest brand ambassador in an intimate media launch. In a strategic move aimed at connecting with individuals leading vibrant and hectic lives, MyATOMS has chosen Santos to spearhead their upcoming marketing campaigns.

Santos, a name synonymous with energy and vitality, will play a pivotal role in projecting the essence of MyATOMS’ products. These cutting-edge offerings are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals who, like Santos himself, lead active and bustling lifestyles.

Headquartered in the thriving hub of Ortigas Center, MyATOMS adheres steadfastly to its guiding principle – ‘Time to H.E.A.L.’ This profound principle encapsulates the very core of the company’s purpose and is a heartfelt reflection of the values held dear by its visionary founders. HEAL stands for Health, Education, Aesthetics, and Lifestyle.

In this exciting collaboration, Santos and MyATOMS unite to champion a lifestyle where every moment is not just lived but celebrated. Stay tuned as this dynamic duo unveils a new chapter in the world of active living and innovation, brought to you by MyATOMS.

During the Q&A with MyATOMS CEO Marcam Marasigan, a sobering reality emerged. The aftermath of the pandemic has inflicted difficulties on countless individuals, families, and communities, profoundly affecting their physical, mental, and emotional health.

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This ongoing crisis has posed a challenge for individuals from all walks of life, including those diligently working to rebuild their financial foundations. Whether they are established professionals or budding entrepreneurs, the journey to regain economic stability has become an arduous one in the wake of this unprecedented disruption.

When asked about his partnership with MyAtoms, Santos articulated the synergy he saw between their products and his own way of life. Moreover, he displayed a keen appreciation for the company’s potential and the dedicated individuals steering the brand’s course.

Mr. Freeze explained that endorsing a product or aligning with a company necessitates a genuine connection. Santos underscored his entrepreneurial ethos. He continued to explain that his role extends beyond mere promotion. It is about fostering livelihoods and uplifting people.

Santos swears by incorporating the Atomic PROBOOST and PROTEC into his daily routine. It is a testament to his transformation because a decade ago, the business mogul weighed 230 lbs. Today, he said, his focus transcends financial abundance. “It’s about holistic well-being,” Santos elaborated, emphasizing the significance of health alongside his entrepreneurial pursuits. He is now aiming for good HEALTH and not just an accumulation of wealth.


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