In the 25 years of Gloc-9’s storied career is a lesson filled narrative that has been the subject of many of his compositions.

His long and bumpy road to success made him the person that he is today: thankful, humble, and selfless. Traits that normally gets forgotten especially when success goes to your head.

He remembers the people who took a leap of faith in his behalf, those who gave him the much needed break to show his talent, even those who maligned him and downplayed his ambition—they were part and parcel of his journey —his success.

HEBISHRAM is a pay it forward song. A chance to make a difference. A song where he sets himself aside and pushes front and center the next generation of rap talents: Hero, Bishnu Paneru, and Ramdis. All products of Gloc-9’s 44-bar challenges. HEBISHRAM.

This song captures the essence of his journey—love for the craft, persistence, and trusting in God to get you through all the challenges that come your way.

Lyrics by Gloc-9, Hero, Bishnu, and Ramdis. Arranged by Rassel “Goodson Hella Bad” Tiquia. Mixed and mastered by Airon Paul “Hero” Bayani.

HEBISHRAM now streaming in all platforms.


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Lyric video link

Lyric Video edited by Nico Dela Cruz, Harvey Aya-ay and Ramn Leuz Rubante.

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