Why does Xian Lim vlog:

These vlogs — I feel it’s getting better every single day. It’s like having coffee in the morning… I used to take 10-15 cups of coffee every day ‘cos i needed to feel inspired, I needed to feel like I have a purpose… and I think coffee gives me that. It’s really getting me in the zone, these vlogs – Xian Lim (from Vlog #4)

Based on what we’ve seen so far in the past, Xian seemingly appears as the always-elusive and not-so-transparent celebrity bachelor that we always want to get to know more. So here’s our chance — Xian gives the perfect the platform for his fans to get glimpses of his life and routines via his own Youtube Video Blog (VLOG) Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/XianLim8

Watch some of the videos he has uploaded so far:

Watch – Vlog #1:

Watch – Vlog #2:

Watch – Vlog #3 (Parts 1-2):

Watch – Vlog #4:

P.S. If your eyes were sharp enough, you should have noticed our Random Republika team (Paolo and his friends) appearing in Xian’s Vlogs #2-4 (when Xian was in Singapore for their KimXi concert). Oooopppss!!!

paolo on xian lim's vlog camera

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