This heartwarming dance film from 888 Films International is set to charm local audiences.

GET ready to move to the rhythm of dreams and determination as 888 Films International proudly announces the Philippine premiere of the Norwegian coming-of-age film, Dancing Queen. Directed by the talented Aurora Gossé, the film will make its debut in theaters across the country on November 22.

Dancing Queen tells the heartwarming story of Mina, a 12-year-old girl who, despite being a little nerdy and self-conscious about her weight, discovers her passion for dance. When a hip-hop dancer by the name of E.D. Win transfers to her school, Mina is smitten and finds the courage to step out of her comfort zone. With her grandmother’s encouragement and support, Mina becomes E.D. Win’s dance partner in a contest that sets her on a transformative journey marked by challenges, joy, and self-acceptance—all to the beat of ABBA’s hit “Dancing Queen.”

Gossé admits that securing the rights to that iconic song—not to mention the others they used for the movie’s soundtrack—was challenging, but the effort turned out to be worth it. “That ate quite a lot of our budget, but it’s a great song that we wanted also for the title,” she says.

Dancing Queen owes its charm to Gossé’s ability to craft narratives that resonate with moviegoers of all ages. Gossé, a Norwegian Film School graduate, says the film shows the difference between being carefree and being serious, and confidence and vulnerability. “It’s about doing what others expect of you versus following your own dreams. About having faith in yourself versus changing to be accepted.”

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Liv Elvira Kippersund Larsson stars as Mina, chosen for her fearless and open-minded approach to the role. “I did try other girls for the main part, but Liv Elvira was impressive and so nice to talk to. We met twice and then I gave her the part,” says Gossé.

The film’s script was penned by Silje Holtet. Dancing Queen was produced by Thomas Robsahm, who got the idea from his daughter. According to Gossé, if you loved classic dance movies like Billy Elliot and Dirty Dancing, you’ll love Dancing Queen.

888 Films International is one of the Philippines’ leading film distribution companies, dedicated to enriching the country’s cinematic landscape with quality films from around the globe. That’s why the people behind the company are excited to introduce the Norwegian gem Dancing Queen to Filipino audiences.

On November 22, join us in celebrating the universal themes of growth, family, and the exhilarating world of dance with Dancing Queen. Experience the magic of this heartwarming coming-of-age film, only in cinemas.


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