Korina, amazed at the revelations of Ate Vi!

ICON. Legend. Movie Queen. Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos sits down for the very first time on Korina Interviews this Sunday, November 19, on NET 25 at 5:00 p.m.

Confirmed that Ate Vi’s life is indeed fabulous and colorful — from being a child star to teen idol to movie queen to being one of the country’s most respected and accomplished public servants!

Ate Vi’s life and career are truly inspiring, but oh — did she really go through a lot in life!

How true is it that she was buried in debt?

That she had problems left and right with the BIR?

Did her businesses incur losses, and did she reach the unfortunate point where her properties gradually disappeared?

And to top it all, is it true that Ate Vi did 16 movies without receiving her salary? Why?

“Akala ng iba perfect ako. No! Ang dami kong palpak sa buhay; masama din ako magalit; may mga mali akong decisions; but I’ve learned overtime,” says Ate Vi!

From being an actress to being a wife to being a public servant to being a mom and a new grandma, the highs and lows of Ate Vi’s life and career are truly astonishing — her story is truly award-winning and perfect for all seasons!

And in response to Koring’s question about what Ate Vi learned in her life’s journey, this is what the skilled actress-politician said, “I learned to embrace and accept reality and focus. I learned to improve myself, fix problems, and learn important lessons along the way.”

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So what other shocking revelations does Ate Vi have?

Join in the conversation between Koring and Ate Vi and tune in to Korina Interviews this Sunday to find out!


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