If there are three things that perfectly define rising singer Jheorge Normandia, these would be talent, patience, and perfect timing.

Her single Pinili Nyang Mahalin Ka is very personal because the story emerged from her own experience.

Normandia described her manner of singing a song as, “I always place myself on a dramatic perspective, internalizing the pain that I felt before and channeling it through singing.”

For her, singing is innate. 

She got it from her Momma

Her mom started singing professionally at 14. She was a standard and jazz singer in the ’80s. She remembers when she was young. 

She’s [always] beside her on Sifra afternoons. 

“Whenever she rehearses before her show, I’m always the curious one mumbling words next to her. 

Her mom’s journey was somehow like hers. 

It wasn’t [exactly] handed over to her. She waited, waited, and waited until someone finally took the courage to believe in her.

“For years, I was always on the production side, back up vocals and wrote few songs for other artists. 

“I started singing on Show Band when I was 15 years old and kept singing on the different platform ever since throughout these years. I am a Livestream Performer for four years now.”

Patience pays off

A saying once said: Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

That probably prepared her for great things.

Normandia shared her realization, “The waiting part has honed me to be the artist that I am now, and I would love to learn more throughout this journey. 

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“I already gave-up years ago, but everything happens for a reason. God did place me on this year, at this time with purpose.”

The brilliant Music & Business Partnering Director of KDR Music House, Adonis Tabanda, believed in her and generously offered to join the KDR family.

Pinili Nyang Mahalin Ka found her

Apart from the song being personal, the message attached to it has gravitated her towards it. It became a reflection to her and to her would-be listeners, too.

“‘Pinili Nyang Mahalin Ka’ is both a story and a message to the new love of our exes’ life.

“[Usually] when a person goes through separation, a lot of things build up in the head.” 

She shared that the person begins to question whether getting hurt is something that he [or she] deserves or the feeling of not being good enough surfaces, too. 

Normandia borrowed Jeff Brown’s words in describing relationships, “You don’t measure love in time. You measure love in transformation. Sometimes the longest yield very little growth, while briefest encounter[s] changes everything.”

As someone, who wrote the lyrics, anger, and pain–all the lost dreams and hopes triggered the emotions and the inspirations for the song. But it’s also about acceptance and giving up the fight for the right reasons. 

“We may be able to forget and never forgive, but at the end of the painful journey, we owe it to ourselves to have the peace we deserve.” 

Today, as she continues to fulfill her purpose as a singer-songwriter, she derives her texts from the best lessons in her life. The Pinili Nyang Mahalin Ka is no exception.

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“My experiences…  I draw my inspiration to write from what I see, from what I hear, and what I feel. 

“And I am sharing this with everyone who might be going through the same emotions that I had through my song—’Pinili Nyang Mahalin Ka’.”

Pinili Nyang Mahalin Ka is now available on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music, and other digital platforms.