In a dazzling affair of glitz and glamour, the Taberna Group of Companies (TGC) brought together an array of beloved Filipino establishments and TV shows for an extraordinary event titled “What Makes an Icon.” The star-studded gathering commemorated not only the eighth anniversary of the renowned Filipino restaurant Ka Tunying’s but also the 17th anniversary of the esteemed event management company, Outbox Media Powerhouse Corp.

Among the luminaries gracing the occasion were the iconic Ka Tunying’s, A Taberna, Kumbachero and Taste of the Town, alongside TV shows Kuha All! and Tune In Kay Tunying. The illustrious affair, held to a packed audience, was the brainchild of Rossel Taberna, the powerhouse behind TGC, and her husband, acclaimed broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna.

In an intimate interview, Rossel Taberna shared the essence of the event, stating, “We are celebrating the 17th year of Outbox Media. We do events, we do commercials, practically it’s a showcase of what we do. With Ka Tunying’s naman, we are celebrating its eighth anniversary.” Ka Tunying’s now has numerous branches nationwide.

Amidst the excitement and celebration, one of the evening’s highlights was the much-anticipated debut of Anthony Taberna’s groundbreaking digital newsfeed show, “Tune In Kay Tunying.” Set to hit the airwaves on the 15th and 30th of each month, starting in August, the TV host promised viewers an unparalleled experience with a unique segment titled “All-Access,” granting exclusive insights into the lives of extraordinary individuals.

As the fun event unfolded, it also served as a double celebration, marking the 38th birthday of Rossel Taberna herself. She is the managing director and CEO of the group of companies. The Taberna family, complete with their two kids, Zoe and Helga, exuded warmth and togetherness throughout the festivities.

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Anthony Taberna acknowledged his wife Rossel’s pivotal role in TGC’s success, particularly during the trying times of the pandemic in 2020. The couple’s resilience and innovation saw the company navigate challenges with finesse, leading to remarkable achievements. “Ito pong misis ko is like a workhorse na natutulog na ako nang mahimbing, siya nagtatrabaho pa!,” Taberna began his testimonial for his wife and business partner. For the specific event, he shared how he slept and woke up to his wife working in the wee hours of the morning. In a sweet gesture, Taberna said, “I would like to declare my admiration and love.” Without directly verbalizing anything, he just shared through action their secret to an effective partnership and successful marriage.

Outbox Media’s successful pivot to hybrid events, content creation, and digital advertisements, along with Ka Tunying’s restaurant’s expansion through the establishment of seven franchises, were testaments to TGC’s tenacity and vision.

As the Taberna Group of Companies continues to soar to greater heights, the event served as a reminder of the talent, resilience, and unwavering spirit that define these Filipino icons.


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