We couldn’t agree more when Winwyn Marquez said in her press conference that the unique storyline of Nelia made her want to play the role.

Headlined by Winwyn on her first-ever titular role, Nelia is a suspense-thriller movie that chronicles the life of Nurse Kabigting Nelia, KN for short and “Killer Nurse” for long as she tries to uncover the horror of deaths in Room 009 of Remedios Medical Center, a hospital that she’s working for. What seemed to be ordinary deaths at first would eventually lead to the biggest plot twist of the movie.

In a span of over one month, Nurse Nelia has witnessed five deaths of patients who have two things in common: 1. all of which were admitted in Room 009 and 2. They were all under the care of Dr. Rey Solano, played by Raymond Bagatsing.

However, Dr. Solano would catch Nelia talking to her “uncle” who he believed was an imaginary visitor.

Members of the cast did a stellar performance living up to their respective characters. Aside from Raymond who is expected to give an all-out acting performance, Ali Forbes’ portrayal of Anna was definitely hard to miss. Her bubbly yet sultry and flirty persona gave color to the scenes she was a part of, not to mention her steamy love scenes with Raymond and Shido Roxas, who played the role of Dr. Josan.

Director Lester Dimaranan established the story in a disturbingly familiar setting yet unique to the Filipino scene, making the entire story relatable to its viewers.

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Written by producer Atty. Melanie Honey Quiño is timely and relevant especially in today’s setting, paying homage to the health workers and the untiring service that they have been selflessly giving to the nation.

Nelia is an intriguing movie that is not meant for the weak-hearted. The twists of the story will make you want to uncover more, slowly revealing the details without giving too much. It is as if the director and writer purposely left gaps for the viewers to fill in and give their assumptions making it more interactive, fun to watch, and leaving you to want for more.

Part of this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), Nelia is A and Q’s launching full length film and first-ever MMFF entry.

Watch the official trailer of Nelia here:

Launched on Christmas Day, December 25, Nelia can be seen in select theaters nationwide until January 7, 2022.


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