“We chose the person who truly imbibes the energy and vision of the brand which is ‘Gandang Hindi Pinipilit’ or natural beauty,”  Manna Ventures Plus Inc. Vice President for Marketing Dean Guban told the press at the Beauty Revolution 2.0 grand celebration at the Shangri-La Hotel last Monday, September 11. “We found everything in Shaira Diaz. We are very lucky to have her as our brand endorser.”

Manna Ventures Marketing VP Dean Guban, first celebrity endorser Shaira Diaz, and CEO Glenda Pingol

“Sobrang grateful ako kasi ako ‘yung napili nila. Ang dami-daming artista na mas maganda, mas talented and all, pero to, ako ‘yung napili nila. Sobrang thank you po. Nakakakilig na first official ambassador. Malaking bagay po siya para sa akin,” Sparkla GMA Artist Center and ALV talent Shaira Diaz expressed her gratitude to Manna Ventures executives. Aside from the Marketing VP, beside Shaira was Manna Ventures CEO Glenda Pingol.

“I think this is the best timing and that’s also the reason why we got Shaira Diaz. We know she has the representation of the energy, youthfulness, and vibrancy of the brand. We’re looking forward to more energetic economic situation sa buong bansa,” Pingol shared about wanting to expand the brand and moving past the challenges of the pandemic.

Despite the difficult journey and the economic impact brought about by the pandemic, the company opted to brave the challenges and found its strength in rebooting its operations for 2023 and in creating new sets of innovative and resilient products addressing the needs of the post-pandemic market. This paved the way for the Beauty Revolution 2.0 event. The event showcased product launches, celebrity endorsers, and the celebration of the awardees’ robust network all over the Philippines.

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Shaira with celebrity guests Sunshine Cruz and Coleen Garcia

Shaira Diaz is the very first celebrity endorser representing Magnifique White brand and she paraded down the runway infusing energy to the exciting product portfolio, together with the rest of other celebrity guests such as Sunshine Cruz and Coleen Garcia.

Diaz has injected newfound vigor into the essence of Manna Venture Plus, Inc, and its network of partners and distributors. She serves as a living testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence, trustworthiness, and its unswerving commitment to delivering tangible results. Magnifique White envisions an expansive outreach through its collaboration with partners and distributors, where it plays an indispensable role in the distribution network.

As Magnifique White charts its path to competitiveness within the market, it is resolute in its quest to align with an ambassador who personifies the same qualities it has painstakingly cultivated – simplicity, authenticity, directness, and innate beauty.

The fundamental ethos of the brand revolves around the celebration of the inherent charm present within every individual, steering clear of excessive glamour or enhancements that surpass the bounds of natural beauty. It firmly believes that genuine beauty blossoms when one embraces their authentic self and nurtures their skin with the utmost care and tenderness.

In its pursuit of this vision, Magnifique White has chosen a celebrity endorser who perfectly encapsulates the brand’s “Gandang Hindi Pinipilit” (Beauty that isn’t forced) ethos.

Diaz is a refreshing and dynamic figure in both the entertainment and skincare domains. Her presence graces the morning TV show Unang Hirit, where she embodies beauty, confidence, and positive energy as a natural host. Whether carefreely dancing or performing cartwheels oncam, she radiates innate beauty effortlessly. Her candid and unfiltered presence on social media brings smiles and laughter to her countless followers as she dances with friends, cherishes her career, nurtures relationships, candidly discusses her challenges, and shares her self-care routine. With grace and an irresistible personality, she confidently showcases her appreciation for life’s simplest pleasures to the world.

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