Unkabogable indeed! For five consecutive years, actor-host-comedian Vice Ganda was named the Most Trusted Entertainment & Variety Presenter in the 2023 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands awards.

The talk and noontime show host and actor is one of the country’s most trusted personalities, with blockbuster and trendsetting records. According to Reader’s Digest, an iconic American general-interest family magazine, “Vice is a national treasure whose influential voice is heard in politics, philanthropic circles and, of course, as a much-loved comedian, entertainer and presenter. Vice uses his popularity to rally against discrimination of minority groups. This only adds to his authenticity, something that has secured him respect and trust across all sectors of the community.”

In the beginning, the brand also that Vice has the intrinsic ability to evoke different emotions from people and his cultural impact gives him a place as one of the country’s most successful entertainers. What makes the award special is the rigorous process of identifying winners. An independently commissioned survey was run and the results are available exclusively in Reader’s Digest Philippines. 

With this new milestone, Vice is proof that you can not just gain but also keep the people’s trust through the years. From making novelty songs to starting everyday expressions, Vice’s key strength is his authenticity.

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