Empowering other women to create meaningful content. A lady gamer to look out for. Myrtle Sarrosa is definitely one of the women in gaming who is currently making waves in the industry.

Last year, she became the first awardee for the Tiktok Award in Gaming – a testament that women can also empower the gaming space. She was also the champion in the Apex Legends Mobile Showmatch and was able to create music for popular game IPs like Call of Duty Mobile and Call of Duty Warzone 2.

This year, she achieved another milestone as the very first content creator to launch her own Fan Token together with WeMade Entertainment. On March 23rd, she will be at the premier international conference: The Game Developers Conference or the GDC in San Francisco to speak in front of the world’s leading game developers as one of the representatives of WeMade Entertainment. She truly represents women in gaming like no other.

Myrtle on transition to creating gaming content

Gaming has always just been a hobby for me that I did to have fun. Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed playing games like Pokemon, Harvestmoon and Ragnarok Online.

However, during the pandemic, it unexpectedly became my way to connect with others and make new friends. Through cosplay, I am able to bring to life my favorite characters and many of my communities’ favorite characters. And through streaming, I am able to have the opportunity to share my gaming experiences to others and have fun with them.

My heart feels full whenever I read messages from people telling me that I helped them go through tough times with my live streams, highlight videos and cosplay contents. I realized that gaming really connects people in so many amazing ways and it gave me a new purpose that inspired me to make the transition.

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On winning the first TikTok award for gaming

“I’m just grateful that the universe has guided me into a career in gaming and to be able to connect with people through games. It is something that I really love doing and so I feel nothing but gratitude to all those people who have inspired me, most especially during the pandemic, and to everyone who has helped me in my journey as a content creator. Everyday, I am just grateful that I have the amazing opportunity to create content for my favorite games such as Call of Duty, MIR 4 and MIR M, Ragnarok and League of Legends.”

Most exciting collab

“Last year, I got the chance to travel to London for the first time to play Warzone Mobile. It was such an exciting trip because we had the chance to be the first ones to play the game. We also worked hand-in-hand with the game developer Activision Blizzard who listened to our recommendations on how to improve the game. Learning more about what is happening behind the scenes and working closely with the game developers was truly an eye-opening experience. 

Oh! Another thing that I had a lot of fun with was having the opportunity to write two songs for Call of Duty. Being featured all over Asia was an exciting experience but I think the most exciting part of it was when I had the chance to really embrace my creativity and work hands on for both the music and the video.”

On being active in playing blockchain-based games like MIR 4 and MIR M and being the founder of the first Fan Token in the WeMix Play Platform: The Myrtle Token

“Being recognized by a lot of the games that I have played was really fulfilling. One of the games that recognized me was the phenomenal blockchain game MIR 4 which was developed by WeMade and it got me the opportunity to be a part of their special series.

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After working with WeMade Entertainment on several projects, we started collaborating to look for better ways to strengthen the relationship between creators and fans through innovations in blockchain technology. And since the Fan Token was designed to do just that, I decided to co-found it with them.

So far, it has been a very successful venture with thousands of token holders since our launch roughly 2 months ago. I actually got invited as a guest speaker at the Game Developers Conference or the GDC in San Francisco on March 23rd to talk about how Fan Tokens can connect gamers, creators and game developers to build a strong community with a joint blockchain economy.”

On being one of the guest speakers at the GDC and speaking in front of the world’s greatest game developers

“To be honest, it’s definitely nerve-wracking. As a gamer growing up, it also feels surreal to be able to attend such an amazing event surrounded by all of my favorite game developers. I’m just super excited to meet all of them because they truly are my heroes in gaming. And I’ll be forever grateful that I have been given this opportunity to be there as a guest speaker.”

Sample talk

“I’ll be talking mostly about my story and experiences going into the launch of the Fan Token, including the major challenges we’ve faced along the way and how we overcame them. I will also share some details about our plans and future projects. It’s going to be exciting.”

What is next for Myrtle?

“After I get back, of course, it’s gonna be work work work again. Although it is tiring at times, it actually makes me feel so alive and happy. It is true what they say. That when you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all. So I’ll be back to streaming, creating contents and continue working hard to prepare our upcoming events for our community. So stay tuned guys!”

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Myrtle on Women’s Month

“I would like to show some love and to celebrate all the women out there that are working hard. I’m really happy that here in the Philippines, we are creating an environment that embraces women in gaming. And I’m grateful that we have such a supportive community that advocates for positivity. Yes, there are still times when we get looked down upon. I myself actually still experience it sometimes. Let’s continue working together to eliminate that stigma in the gaming space and be confident about ourselves. Always keep in mind that we are “not just” women. We ARE women.”


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