It’s been seven long years since the dashing Korean superstar, Lee Min-ho, last set foot in the Philippines. However, his Filipino fans, known for their unwavering loyalty and passion, proved that time had not diminished their love and admiration for the 36-year-old heartthrob. Lee Min-ho was greeted with a jubilant welcome during his pre-event media conference last Sunday, hours before a VIP night sponsored by the SMDC.

“I didn’t really notice that time flew very fast and that it has been seven years since my last visit here. I really felt how my fans waited for me here, especially when I arrived last night at the airport,” Lee said, his voice filled with genuine gratitude and appreciation. The actor went on to express how much he missed the electrifying energy of his Filipino fans.

While most celebrities might visit a country once or twice, Lee Min-ho, renowned for his roles in hit series “Boys Over Flowers” and “Legend of the Blue Sea,” has had a remarkable bond with the Philippines since his first visit in 2012. Besides attending promotional events, he has also been spotted vacationing in some of the country’s most breathtaking destinations, including Palawan and Boracay.

Lee Min-ho had become something of a familiar face in the Philippines, having visited the country five times. His popularity and connection with Filipino fans were undeniable. As he landed at the airport on his most recent visit, he was met with an overwhelming show of love and support. “As soon as I came down the airplane, a lot of people were waiting for me, and there were a lot of fans waiting by the airport, too. It’s just a shame that I wasn’t able to greet them personally, but being able to see them, I was [already] very happy, and I missed that a lot,” he confessed, acknowledging the deep connection he shares with his Filipino admirers.

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The actor, who became a household name in the Philippines through his iconic role in the 2009 Korean series “Boys Over Flowers,” is in Manila for a special reason. He’s here to join SMDC’s 65th anniversary celebration, which took place last October 15. Lee Min-ho serves as the global ambassador for the esteemed developer, making this event a significant moment for both the actor and the company.

Whenever Lee Min-ho visits the Philippines, he carries in his heart the idea of escaping to a private island and enjoying some well-deserved solitude. However, this time around, his schedule is tighter than ever. “I think it won’t be allowed this time,” he lamented. Nonetheless, the ever-gracious Lee Min-ho assured fans that he’d be content with a “taste” of the country during his visit.

“Tonight after the show, I’m actually planning to taste some lechon,” Lee Min-ho shared with an infectious enthusiasm. Lechon, the beloved Filipino roasted pig, is a culinary delight that fans can appreciate along with their beloved star, creating a shared experience that bridges the gap between celebrity and admirers.

Lee Min-ho’s return to the Philippines is not just a visit; it’s a heartwarming reunion with a fan base that continues to adore him. The warmth of Filipino hospitality and the actor’s genuine appreciation for his fans create a beautiful bond that transcends time and distance. As Lee Min-ho graced the Philippines with his presence once again, he left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have eagerly awaited his return.


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