Kapamilya actress Valerie “Bangs” Garcia got engaged on New Year’s Day to her non-showbiz boyfriend, Lloydi Birchmore. The sexy actress’ best friend and fellow Star Magic artist Marlann Flores shared a quick video of the Boracay proposal on Instagram. Both their families were  with them on the island.

Bangs was previously linked to Azkals player Phil Younghusband whom she admitted to have exclusively dated.



“SWEET HORIZON” You touched my heart,mind, and soul; you always make me feel beautiful. You wrap your arms around me, you make things feel so extraordinary. You’re the one that gives your all, everyday you still make me fall. Missing you is the hardest thing, you remind me I am your everything. Like magic, gone is the feeling of blue, it’s amazing I’m no longer “one”; now we are magical “two”. Oh yes! Destiny it is for me to love you, in the beginning I was awed; i had no clue. God works in mysterious ways, the melody of love perpetually plays; for our hearts beat together perfectly like as if they have their own harmony. Our love’s more than the wealth in the world, a bright future is for us to carefully mold. Growing as a couple is our new horizon, this connection we have is nurtured with so much passion. Poem by: VALERIE GARCIA PS. I am so happy we are here in our sweet horizon once again and we will always keep on coming back here as much as we can.? Where it all began 365days ago…?? You make me the happiest baby ko @lloydiboi24!!!I love you supahdupahultramegakadupah!?? #Valloydi #ValloydiNewYear2016 #GarciasBirchmoreUnite #ValloydigoestoBoracay

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“Parents meet the parents.”?? #Valloydi #ValloydiNewYear2016 #GarciasBirchmoresUnite

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??? #Valloydi #ValloydigoestoBoracay #GarciasBirchmoresUnite #ValloydiNewYear2016

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The two most important men in my life. ?? #Valloydi #AyiValloydi #ValloydigoestoBoracay

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#MagandaPandas #Pogidoggies and #ChubbyDoggy ??? hahahaha Love you beb @tjvalderrama ??? #NoSmoking ???

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#Valloydi with Dan the Hulk? #PogiDoggies #Brothers #ValloydigoestoBoracay

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Back in our sweet horizon? #Valloydi #ValloydigoestoBoracay #ValloydiNewYear2016

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