Whenever I travel, I love taking photos as well as videos. I usually take time in each place to admire the beauty of the surroundings with my very own eyes, then eventually my mind starts wearing a moviemake’s hat: what can I capture here–at this very moment–so that when I head back home, I’ll be able to share the same bliss I experienced in that particular destination?

Turkey has always been on top of my dream destinations. It has always been a country I’ve wanted to tick off from my bucket list before I hit the age of 30.

I was never disappointed from day 1 that I’ve set foot in this Istanbul and the two days I spent in magical Cappadocia. There was just so many things to do, see and eat in this country full of history and modernity.

P.S.: Can someone bring me back to Turkey soon, pretty please?

Watch my Turkey travel video here:

I plan to write more about my Turkey adventure in the coming days. So stay tuned!


  • Number of days spent in Turkey: nine days (May 1-9, 2015)
  • Camera: Canon DSLR 700D x basic kit lens + Canon EF 50mm f1/4

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