Belman, a heritage firm boasting over five decades of expertise in Animal Healthcare Products, stands as a steadfast supporter of the agribusiness sector. Its unwavering commitment revolves around furnishing top-tier animal business solutions, meticulously crafted within its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Throughout its history, Belman has been an enduring ally to farmers across diverse industries, consistently delivering cherished products to the thriving gamefowl sector.

In the Philippines, the sport of gamefowl, known as “sabong” or cockfighting, enjoys immense popularity and fuels a flourishing industry. According to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), this industry continues to expand, boasting an estimated annual worth of P50 billion.

Quoting Nicolas “Mang Nick” Crisostomo, president of the Luzon Gamefowl Breeders Association (LGBA), Sabong is not only a form of sport and entertainment for sabungeros but it also create livelihoods for those who are directly or indirectly engaged in the sport. Because of the popularity of the sport, businesses such as gamefarms and cockpit operators flourish. Other related enterprises down the line include the production, distribution, and retail of 1) gamefowl feeds, 2) veterinary medicines and supplements, 3) farm equipment, and 4) sports paraphernalia.

Gamefowl breeding and conditioning is a serious venture that requires utmost dedication and passion to consistently produce high-quality bloodlines and high-performance fighters. Farm owners invest heavily in breeding materials, in their farms, and last but not least, in gamefowl feeds and veterinary healthcare products. Such are key to managing a successful gamefarm.

Belman is most known in the gamefowl industry for its gamefowl vitamin-mineral supplement, V-22 Tablets. V-22 Tablets have been used by 3 generations of Sabungeros to ensure the consistent growth and performance of their gamefowl. This September, Belman Laboratories is proud to introduce the new Laking V-22 Masterbrand, a product regimen consisting of 11 products, that meets the needs and tastes of the modern gamefarm and sabungero. The product line assures consistent gamefowl development and high performance from Day 1 and until the Day of the Fight.

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1. Laking V-22 VitaTablets are formulated to provide essential vitamins and minerals for gamefowl 5 months and up. The tablets are designed to develop overall immunity, strength, agility, and sharpness in gamefowl.

2. Laking V-22 SakitBuster is designed to help with diseases such as Chronic Respiratory Disease, Coccidiosis and Infectious Coryza, among other common diseases and infections in gamefowl.

3. Laking V-22 Purgaling is formulated to help eliminate infective worms such as roundworms, cecal worms, and tapeworms, leading to better growth, increased production, and improved vitality.

4. Laking V-22 Kasado is a B complex supplement charged with a super dose of ginseng. Kasado improves performance by providing long lasting energy and promoting quick recovery of muscles during the conditioning stage of gamefowl. It can also be used for the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency and for increased resistance against infections and disease.

5. Laking V-22 Bone Builder is designed to promote proper bone development in gamefowl while improving muscle tone and flexibility of the wings. Calcium is also a mineral that is often depleted during strenuous exercise, hence, it is an important aspect of the conditioning regimen.

6. Laking V-22 Siglakas is a concentrated shot of Vitamin B12 to boost the blood and energy level of gamefowls during conditioning or before the fight.

7. Laking V-22 Pulmotect is designed to effectively treat respiratory illnesses in gamefowl, while quickly addressing respiratory symptoms for quick relief from excessive mucus and labored breathing.

8. Laking V-22 Hydrolyte is an electrolyte vitamin formulation specifically designed for conditioning. In addition to the electrolyte and dextrose for rehydration, it also contains key vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and glycine, that support proper muscle function, including muscle reflexes such as contraction, relaxation, and regeneration.

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Other products under the Laking V-22 Masterbrand are vitamins, supplements, medicines designated for young gamefowls which are:

9. Laking V-22 VitaPowder Jr. promotes balanced growth in young gamefowls and prevents or treats vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies. It also improves production, vitality, hatchability, and viability for gamefowl breeders.

10. Laking V-22 Bone Builder Jr. is especially formulated for young gamefowls which promotes strong bone and muscle development, and wing flexibility. It also improves joint and cartilage elasticity, prevents calcium deficiency related conditions, and enhances egg production, fertility, and hatchability in breeders.

11. Laking V-22 Pulmotect Jr. is formulated for young gamefowls and serves as a strong antibiotic to stop disease in its tracks while providing instant relief of respiratory symptoms due to the antimucolytic.


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