Jodi Sta. Maria as “Maya Dela Rosa” in Be Careful with my Heart
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Sweet, bubbly, and optimistic Maya Dela Rosa of Be Careful with my Heart proves you don’t need to cry buckets of tears to gain a huge following. Thanks to that yaya-slash-flight attendant-in-training character, Jodi Sta. Maria suddenly became a household name after years in the business. Her show with leading man Richard “Papa Chen” Yap a.k.a. “Sir Chief” in the story broke the daytime TV mold and proved that being a ball of positivity works even in the ratings game.
One thing you won’t miss about Maya in the series is how she easily adapts to daily mishaps and  consistently finds something positive in the midst of a terrible situation. Her energy can be quite overwhelming for some but the people Maya’s constantly with appreciate her for giving off the good vibes most of the time. Her infectious positivity is personified by always looking fresh and bright-eyed. The trick we see lies in her neat appearance and “no-makeup” look.
If you want to recreate the clean look, check out our do-it-yourself makeup tutorial.

These days, you’ll rarely find college girls or yuppies wearing heavy eyeliner and shocking eye shadows for everyday wear. In fact, a great challenge among them is how to look fresh and flawless like they’re wearing no makeup at all. Just like Maya, a doting nanny and student,  nothing beats looking just like an enhanced version of yourself on a daily basis. As minimalists would always say, “less is more” in makeup application. 
Step 1:
Always start with a clean canvas. Wash your face before makeup application. 
Step 2: 
Apply your sunscreen or moisturizer and allow the skin to absorb it for around 2-3 minutes. 
Step 3 (optional): 
Although a good foundation usually does the job, some dark circles around the eyes or acne marks may need a bit of concealingWith a lot of concealers in the market, experiment which type works best on your skin. We recommend choosing between a liquid or powder concealer. Choose a concealer in a shade closest to your skin tone to even out your color. Spot-conceal the blemishes using a concealer brush or just your finger. Make sure you use the product sparingly as you might end up highlighting the problem areas. 
Step 4: 
It is important to look for a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. [Note: For those who are acidic or whose foundation turns dark after a few minutes, you will need to choose a foundation lighter than your skin tone. Choose one that is a shade or two lighter.] Using a foundation brush (for liquid) or  a sponge (for powder) or your finger, apply a thin layer of the product all over your face. Make sure you apply thinly as you might look too made up. Concentrate first on the large areas of your face like the cheeks and forehead and just spread the remaining product on the small areas. Don’t forget the sides of your nose and the eye area. 
*RANDOM TIP: If you want an airbrushed effect, use a stippling brush in applying the foundation. Apply the product in a dotting manner (do not swipe it like a regular brush!) for a pixel-perfect outcome. 
Step 5: 
Before you start your makeup application, make sure your eyebrows are well-shaped through threading, shaving, or plucking. (We’re currently loving the brow razor as it easily removes the hair!) Following your natural arch, fill in the sparse areas of your brows with an eyebrow pencil or powder using fine, feathery strokes. If your hair is black, use a light or medium brown eyebrow shade or a mixture of both. If your hair is dyed with a light color, use a similar shade. Avoid using black as it usually makes the look too heavy. Blend it well with an eyebrow brush for a natural finish.
Optional: You can wash your eyelid area with a nude-toned eye shadow color for an added highlighting effect. 
*RANDOM TIP: Still have that free soft-bristled toothbrush from a plane or a hotel? You can also use that to brush out and blend your eyebrow color.:)
Step 6: 
Use a dark brown or black liquid or pencil eye liner to line your upper lashline. This will instantly make your eyes pop. Skip the lower lashline to keep the natural look. 
Step 7: 
For a long-lasting effect, apply a coat of clear mascara before curling your lashes. Allow it to dry for a minute or two before using your lash curler. When done curling, apply another coat or two. In case you have thin or short lashes, create the illusion of longer lashes by applying a single coat of black mascara. Remember, too much mascara will make one look too made up. 
Step 8: 
If the one you have is the liquid cheek tint, apply the product on the apples of your cheeks right before concealing and foundation application. For powder blush, use an angled blush brush and lightly apply diagonally onto your cheeks. You can also just concentrate on the apples of your cheeks but make sure you blend well. People shouldn’t be able to tell where your brushing started and ended.
Take it easy on blushing. A single layer of blush enough to give you a healthy-looking flush should be okay. 
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Step 9: 
Swipe on a nude or neutral-toned lipstick (other options: tinted lip balm in light pink or nude hues or lip gloss). You can top this off with a clear lip gloss or use the lip gloss alone. Choose lip products in shades closest to your natural lip color.
*RANDOM TIP: For a glossy effect with additonal moisturizing benefit, a lip gloss alternative would be petroleum jelly. Using this nightly will also give you soft and smooth lips in no time. 
Jodi Sta. Maria as Yaya Maya
Image courtesy of Be Careful with my Heart’s Facebook fan page
The main secret in looking attractive and having a radiating glow still comes from within.  No matter how cheesy that may sound, keeping a positive attitude like Maya is the best way to look and feel great.
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