Early this year, the world’s leading subscription service for TV shows and movies, Netflix, finally debuted in the Philippines. Last May 4 at the Green Sun Hotel, Netflix re-introduced itself to its media partners and gave us an update on what more the brand can offer. Here are some random stuff you need to know about this popular TV-and-movie enabler! 😉

Anytime-anywhere viewing

With a video-on-demand system, you can watch your TV shows and movie whenever and wherever you want. 🙂

Matchmaking with preferred content/genre

Netflix makes it easy for you to find great shows and movies. It has its unique recommendation engine with advanced algorithms that suggests similar types of programs or movies you may want to watch. The more you watch on Netflix, the system gets a better understanding of your likes and dislikes.

Kid-friendly environment

At a time when kids are in danger of accessing content that may not be suitable for them, Netflix offers an easy-to-use platform which they claim to be secure. There is wide selection of cartoons, movies, and original series.

Monitoring and adjusting to your internet speed!

We all know that the internet speed in our country can be such a headache and source of frustration. Netflix makes sure you don’t get interrupted by the buffering symbol which often ruins one’s viewing pleasure. The technology used monitors the user’s connection speed at all times and adjusts the video resolution to ensure smooth streaming.

Worldwide simultaneous airing

No need to shut yourself away from cyberspace to avoid spoilers and wait for delayed telecasts. Netflix airs the latest shows and series at the same time worldwide.

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Original content

Netflix has ventured into creating and developing more than 450 hours of original content. This means more options for its viewers.

Available in almost all internet-connected devices

  • Smart TVs
  • Apple iOs
  • Android and Windows tablets and smartphones
  • PC and Mac
  • home theatre systems
  • game consoles (Playstation 3 and 4, Wii U)
  • Google Chromecast

Subscription options based on your lifestyle

Three subscription options are available based on the number of simultaneous streams and the image quality. Members can enjoy unlimited access to all content available on the service with no interruptions.

1 Netflix account = five user profiles (so that family members sharing a Netflix account can each enjoy a customized experience of their own)



Download the NETFLIX app on your smartphone and visit netflix.com for more information!

List of programs and movies to watch out for:

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