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Lizzie Aguinaldo, the talented Star Music artist who took the music scene by storm with her debut single “Baka Pwede Na” last June, is back with a brand-new track titled “Lato Lato.” This fresh release, penned by the acclaimed composer Direk Joven Tan, showcases Lizzie’s vocal prowess and her journey to mastering it.

Recording “Lato Lato” wasn’t without its challenges, as Lizzie candidly shared. She confessed to grappling with the song’s high notes, but her unwavering passion and innate singing talent prevailed. “Naenjoy ko naman yung pagka-record. The only challenge was to hit those high notes. It is kind of high,” she modestly admitted.

One of the key ingredients in Lizzie’s artistic growth has been her collaboration with Direk Joven Tan. His mentorship and guidance have played a pivotal role in shaping her musical career. Aguinaldo attested to this, saying, “Super helpful po ni Direk. To the point na if you’re struggling, he’ll really help you sa experiences. Since I’m fairly new to this, Direk has been a huge help to me.”

“Lato Lato,” the latest single, draws inspiration from the 90s toy that recently made a comeback, but it also draws a parallel to our experiences with love. Lizzie beautifully articulated this connection, saying, “Like kakalaro po natin ng ‘Lato-Lato,” minsan nasasaktan po tayo pero go lang ng go. So ganoon din po sa love.”

In addition to her budding music career, Lizzie remains steadfast in her commitment to education. While academics hold a significant place in her life, she also harbors dreams of venturing into acting. She expressed her aspirations, saying, “If I were given the opportunity, of course, po. I will take it—Dapat po magkakaproject po with Miss Vilma Santos and Mr. Christopher De Leon kaso hindi po nagkatugma sa schedule ko so hindi po siya natutuloy.”

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Balancing the demands of academics and a burgeoning career might seem challenging, but Lizzie tackles this task with unwavering determination. She shared, “Since ngayon, back to school, focus po talaga sa studies. Pag natatapos ko naman po yung mga tasks and requirements sa school. Nagpopost na po ako sa social media, like Tiktok, etc. Active naman po ako sa social media.” This highlights her effective time management skills while staying engaged with her fans on platforms like TikTok.

Lizzie Aguinaldo’s remarkable work ethic shines through her commitment to both her schooling and her music career. Let’s show our support for her latest single, “Lato Lato,” available now on all streaming platforms nationwide.


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