Maja Salvador Releases New Album

OK fine, first time ‘to–di ako negatron today! Well, I’ve always been a Maja-fanatic ever since she started her career, especially when it comes to dancing. Aminin, winner ang ateh lalo na kapag pop-and-lock and chest pumping dance moves na. I also always knew she can carry a tune after appearing in the old TV series ‘Pangarap na Bituin’ with Sarah G. So di na nakakapagtaka kung may reinventions na kaganapan sa ating dance diva, di-vuh? Bet ko yung Britney Spears/Shuma-Shakira effect on her. Love the newest single, gurl! Dahan, dahan… dahan, dahan… Tarush, lss ang lola niyo.

Sabi nga niya, it’s her dream. Kung maymanagement like Star Magic who’s willing to finance her debut album, then good for her. I believe we shouldn’t steal other people’s dreams. I haven’t really listened to her sing yet so I can’t judge but I hope talaga the quality of her album is worth the buyers’ money. Kasi if not, it’s like stealing from them! Kung trying hard din ang kalalabasan, I believe mag-stick na lang siya sadancing which she’s so good at.

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