Bugoy Drilon and Daryl Ong, both renowned local R&B singers and members of the trio known as BuDaKhel with Michael Pangilinan, have developed a deep understanding of each other’s musical nuances over the years. Their chemistry onstage is a key factor contributing to their exceptional live performances.

Bugoy Drilon shared during an online press conference for their U.S. concert tour, “Kabisado na namin ang isa’t isa.” (We know each other well). He highlighted the instances where they seamlessly help each other during performances. For example, when he struggles to hit certain notes, they pass the melody between them, making necessary adjustments due to their familiarity with each other’s musical styles.

Daryl Ong expressed admiration for Bugoy’s wide-ranging musical tastes and the depth of his repertoire. Despite hailing from the province, Bugoy’s exposure to various genres, including artists like Guy Sebastian, impressed Daryl. This extensive knowledge and broad musical style made it effortless for them to collaborate and harmonize effectively as BuDaKhel.

Their strong rapport and harmonious performances have made BuDaKhel a remarkable musical trio. They are known for their versatile styles, and their collaborations offer a unique blend of voices that resonate with their audiences.

In addition to their musical partnership, Bugoy and Daryl are embarking on the “BaD (Bugoy and Daryl) Boys of R&B” concert series in the US West Coast, which includes shows in Las Vegas, San Leandro, Oxnard City, and Hollywood, thanks to the support of their producers, promoters, and management.

Daryl’s aspiration extends beyond his own music career. He envisions a future where he can produce shows for emerging artists, providing them with the opportunity to shine in the industry. Daryl recognizes the vital role of producers in helping both established and emerging artists gain recognition and reach new audiences.

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The close collaboration between Bugoy and Daryl, their shared passion for music, and their commitment to uplifting new talents demonstrate their dedication to the art of R&B and their desire to contribute to the future of the music industry. The “BaD Boys of R&B” concerts promise to be a showcase of their talent and a celebration of their remarkable chemistry on stage.


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