“Hindi siya makulit dati, tahimik ‘yan!,” Nanay Rosario Viceral, mom of Vice Ganda, revealed in the unkabogable host-comedian’s latest vlog. When jokingly asked by friends MC and Ton during the shoot if Vice was already pretty back in the day, the doting mom was quick to respond, “Ay, maganda, anak ko ‘yan eh!” This is just a snippet of the hilarious episode that showed the fun side of Vice’s mom.

What a riot! Vice and two of his close friends added humor to what seemed like a serious cooking tutorial of native Ilocano dish dinakdakan by Nanay Rosario. The celebrity mom gamely joined in the banter, teasing, and exchange of jokes.

When asked by Vice what dinakdakan means, Nanay Rosario comfortably replied, “Ewan ko!” To this Vice replied, “Ang dami mong naiambag sa vlog na ‘to!” And laughter ensued.

They went on to introduce the dish which has utak ng baboy (pig’s brains) and batok (nape) as main ingredients. According to Panlasang Pinoy website, a popular cooking tutorial platform, dinakdakan is an appetizer dish from Ilocos made up of boiled and grilled pig parts (which includes the ears, face, and intestines. It was described to be very much like sisig without finely chopped ingredients.

Before the main cooking happened, Vice confidently shared a tidbit which he verified from his mom, “Hindi naman siya niluluto talaga kasi para siyang salad ‘di ba Nay?”

“Pakukuluan mo, nak, makakain mo ba ‘yung hilaw na baboy?” was Nanay Rosario’s reply. Everyone laughed and Vice jokingly scolded his mom, “Huwag mo akong pinipilosopo ha!”

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In between the jokes are heartwarming stories about Vice Ganda’s late father and his love story with Nanay Rosario.



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